Am I completely crazy or what.....

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  1. Well.....Rose's thread about her special order for a Birkin has got me thinking.

    Do you think I'd be completely crazy to look for a 30cm Birkin in Black Chevre with any hardware color when I already have the 32cm Black Box HAC ?


    ....can't do special orders in SF but I can look around and hope to be lucky someday.........
  2. NO!!
    You can never have too many black bags.....
  3. My thinking exactly, Rose but I'm also waiting on a Black Chevre Plume Elan GM!!!! I'm addicted to BLACK!!!!!

    I might throw the whole thing over if I ever see a Cognac Chevre Birkin like Gina's THAT bag I'd sell my DD's soul to the devil for!!!!
  4. I agree...this thread could be subtitled "Addicted to Black"...

    I have a black evergrain birkin 35 w/ GH...I am convinced I could also use a black togo/clemence birkin 35 w/ PH...

    And...I so covet Gina's cognac chevre...if I ever have an opportunity to purchase one H-Anon be d*mned!
  5. ^shopmom just curious why can't you do SO in SF?
  6. Yes, Gina's is TDF!

    Well I have my 32cm BLACK Kelly, next will be 30 cm BLACK Birkin.

    Then will be a 35 cm (dare I say black Birkin), followed by 25 cm black box Kelly... yikes, the list goes on and on. I do add color by adding a tohu Bohu :shame:
  7. D, I am after the exact Birkin as well. But it's in the back burner; I am just crazy over choc box calf as you know. But I also know it would be close to impossible to get it through my local H store (bummer). If I have the patience to wait ... yeah maybe. But the trouble with me is that I must have my bags NOW NOW NOW, and I don't want to pay ridiculous mark-ups either. So, my options are immediately limited.

    Do you have a picture of your Black Box HAC to show? I only remember your Kellys!
  8. D, you're not nuts. I'm thinking of another black bag--either in a Kelly or a 30cm. I get so much use out of my 35cm Black Togo that I need more black in different styles! I'd still pick that Cognac Chevre over Black for you, just b/c I think the warmer hues suit you really well.
  9. Cognac Chevre!!!!!!!
    But I wouldn't cyber-smack you if you did find that Black 30 Chevre Birkin!!!
  10. YORELICA.......I don't know why they don't take SO's in SF. Every time I ask they just repeat the same mantra, "we don't take SO's". :shrugs:

    MRS......know exactly what you mean!!!! I love the hunt but then it can't go on too long......

    I have a few black bags though, girls.....Black Hac, Black Bolide, Black Kelly Elan. I guess that's not too much.....none I use on a daily basis and I'm thinking that's kinda what I need. Something I can use pretty regularly.

    I don't think I've given my Noisette Kelly a real rest since I got her....did use the Caramel Chevre one day last week and the Bolide the other day. But I think if I had a real work-horse Black bag, it'd be the right way to go. I wouldn't pass on a Cognac "Gina" bag but the odds on that coming my way are real slim so......:s
  11. I don't think you're crazy but I do think that's a lotta black!! I think the HAC and 30 birkin would be so similar in size and shape...IMO black in diff. styles/sizes would be better....That said, I don't think I've seen a black chevre birkin - have you? Could be a long wait and by then you'll have gotten oh 10 or so other bags lmao.......!!!!
  12. shopmom, why not keep this 30cm Chevre Black Birkin in the back of your mind....always there.....and continue to keep your eyes open as usual for whatever else strikes you, be it black or any other color.

    Meaning, if you can't SO it....then be on the lookout and pounce when you find one. In the meantime, buy whatever other Hermes you need/want/desire but just make this a special quest *on the side*

    I remember when I bought my black Bolide and the SA asked me how many black bags I owned. None....I replied...but since then, I have bought 3 more ( sold the Birkin ) and kept Kelly and Kelly 28 so now I have 3 all total. And, I use them all. Different styles, and they go with everything.

    I say go for black if it suits you anytime it suits you:yes:
  13. If I had to choose between a black 30 chevre Birkin and a black 32 box HAC, my choice would be the HAC, hands down. So you got that already.
    Add cognac to the picture and voila, you have a real choice, and a really different bag! I just don't see that much difference between a black 30 Birkin and a black 32 HAC.
    If it were me, it would be the cognac that I'd SO.
  14. I could see you doing a Black Chevre Kelly. Truthfully, you should go for color with a 30cm Birkin. You have too much black and brown. Go for something different! Bluejean maybe? That would look so cool with your jeans and black sweaters and white blouses.
  15. Go for a color SM! It's about time :idea: