Am I clairvoyant? Was just wondering what happened to my SO, then the phone rang....

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  1. Today I was visiting this forum (have not really in a long time) and reading about some beautiful SOs and other lovelies coming in. Wondered about an SO I placed almost 2 years ago, and if it had drifted off into the ether, or if I would get the call, and how odd would it be if I got the call soon when my resources are otherwise committed.

    Was also wondering about another unrelated issue and whatever happened to that....

    So I get an email telling me there is an update on the other unrelated issue...

    5 minutes later my phone rings. It's an SA from Hermes telling me my order is in!!!

    I had almost forgotten about it and had resigned myself to giving up on it. I'm waiting for an email from the SA to get the specifics....I'm not local to that boutique and it's not in my schedule to even go there in the next few weeks. How do I make this happen????

    I'm not going to keep everyone in the dark: It's a 35B Capucine Togo with (I think) Brushed GHW and a contrast lining (Etoupe?) I can't even remember the specifics it's been so long!!! Their timing sucks, fyi :P
    I might have to let something go to keep from oversaturating my collection, as I cannot stand to have things sit around unloved & prefer a few things I love vs. tons I'm iffy about.

    My current collection is below. I've been good about sticking to a one-in, one (or 2) out rule. There are only so many bags a person can carry, and I don't want to collect them just to have them sitting around. So would this SO be too redundant? Or does it fit in nicely? FYI I'm also lusting after a Slate-blue Fendi Peekaboo....

    B30 Etoupe Togo GHW <- use it tons for evening/travel
    B30 SO RC Chevre, Orange Interior, brushed GHW <- use a lot for going out & pop of color with black/grey
    B30 Parchemin Ostrich BHW <- use not so often but is HG and LOVE. Only got last July.
    B35 SO black Box, Gold Interior, GHW <- THE iconic bag I ordered on my honeymoon, carry on nice days and when I have time to switch

    B35 black Fjord GHW <- Absolutely everyday workhorse bag
    B35 Gold Togo GHW <- first birkin ever, loved to bits, not carrying it much the last few years.

    (I use my 35's primarily for work & day to day, 30's for evenings/travel)

    K32 black Chevre Retourne GHW (first H ever!)
    K30 Terre Box Sellier GHW

    Medium Noce Ostrich Cabat, black GHW Chanel Boy, and some other BVs & Chloe cross-body bags round out the collection
  2. What amazing news!!!! Congratulations that your SO has finally arrived! Cannot wait for the reveal that combo sounds amazing!!! And, you have an incredible collection!!! I follow your one in one out rule...everything sounds so great and well used have 3 30s and 3 35s with the addition of the newest SO, that's 4 35s...maybe let one of the 35s go to have an even number of 30 vs 35???:lol:

  3. OMG.. amazing collection! please do post pic when you get your new SO!

  4. You stated that you are not using your B35 gold Togo, maybe you should get rid of that one. You love it because it's your first Birkin but you have so many 30's and 35's, you might as well get rid of the one that you don't ever pull out to use.
  5. This is what I am leaning towards. I used to wear a lot of creams & browns and it suited that look perfectly. While I much prefer warm colors, I'm finding that black vs. brown is my choice, even with creme & camel, and then I might as well carry a black purse. The problem is the summer.....and for that I have the 30 Etoupe....but it's not big enough for daily work use and I still long for that warm tone. Capucine is one of those colors I surround myself with in flowers. I love firey orange-reds. I'm just afraid that in that size it might be too bright & not sophisticated enough. Like an orange traffic cone:smile:

    Edit: This morning wearing black and off-white to work, I reached for my gold togo, then somehow decided against it (again) and am carrying black. Trying to imagine same outfit with Capucine....
  6. Girl you need some color in your life! Capucine will replace your gold. Sell the gold.
  7. Your parchemin ostrich....sooooooooop sophisticated and gorgeous!!!!! For when you want something neutral yet soecial goes with it!!!!!
  8. I think this is a good choice for your wardrobe color scheme. Agree, you would feel like a traffic cone with the brighter color. You can always add some color with a pochette or scarf. Black/white or off white with capucine is a sophisticated look IMO. Congrats!
  9. agree with the others, if you haven't used the gold then sell it. some capucine togo pics here for your reference...i don't think i look like a traffic cone...:thinking:

    DSC00164 - Version 2.jpg



  10. thank you. hope the pictures helps. perhaps wear the black and off white outfit to try on your SO and see how it looks on you..
  11. thank you. it's the parures des maharajas cashmere shawl...

    thank you ehy12
  12. Capucine is an amazing colour, one of my absolute favourite H colours. It is so rich and sophisticated, nothing like a traffic cone lol. I agree with other people's thoughts - let go of the gold B to get this beautiful SO!
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