Am I choosing the right bag?

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  1. I know that only I can decide,but I want to hear whether I'm thinking clearly here.

    I don't like multiple copies of the same bag. I have the unquilted Bay bag in the taupe colour,but now I find myself strangely attracted to the quilted Bay in black...

    I also love the Audra in black or in green,but I will not spend that amount of money on a patent leather bag.Plus it's not really available to me where I am.

    I have other black bags...the YSL Muse and Downtown,Chanel reissue,Chanel caviar jumbo...I'm just a black bag girl. Apart from my black bags and the Bay I have a chocolate Mulberry Roxy and a tan Paddy,and that's it.

    I know I would wear the black quilted Bay. I wear all my black bags. I wear loads of black and this winter there'll be loads of grey,too.

    Is it overkill to want this bag? I adore it for itself,but I also love the fact that it has the old-fashioned shape like the Stam but not the irritating chain,and it fits over the shoulder more easily.

    I had a Stam, black,of course:p,but returned it.

    Apart from the leather tags the taupe unquilted Bay and the black quilted Bay are two entirely different bags...right???


  2. Practical matters aside, if your heart skips a beat AND you will definitely use it... then go get it! It already sounds like you have the right wardrobe for it and it's the bag style you happen to like!

    Those are the two main rules I go by when I buy a bag and then decide if I should keep it... that is... when I USED To buy bags (but not anymore until I pay off my debt and save enough cash)!
  3. Some bags seem totally different in a different colour, and I think that the non quilted Bay and the quilted one are different enough. If you are liking your Bay already, there's nothing wrong with getting another.
  4. Yes you're choosing right bag!!! I love quilted bays, I have one and would love to have another colour too :rolleyes: It's a perfect everyday bag and it has nice retro feel but in stylish way, and it's different enought compared your other bags IMO :yes: And as you're a black bag girl & carry all you black bags it's wisest to follow your heart and get it in black :tup:
  5. If you love it and will wear it, go get it!!
  6. I agree with PP's, the quilted bay and smooth bay are "different" bags and a quilted black bay is not a multiple compared to a smooth taupe one. Go for it!
  7. I agree with folks here. If you love the bag, you will use go get it!!
  8. Thank you for the input :smile:. I'm fighting the guilt regarding the purchase (3rd bag in 3 months,I usually buy two a year)...but I think it's going to happen!
  9. I'd say go for it! :yahoo: I just bought a black quilted bay too, and definitely think it's one of my best purchases!! It can easily be worn to work with a suit or dressed down with jeans - very versatile and always classy :heart:
  10. Ok I've just ordered from Luisaviaroma!! No shipping fee,woohoo!
  11. yay congrats!!! :yahoo: Cannot wait to see pictures!

    I second annette on versatility, I've carried mine with jeans, w summer dresses as well as with formal clothes, I've carried it quite a lot actually, it's amazing bag!
  12. Get it! It sounds like you really want it. There's no sense in depriving yourself. Black bags are extremely versatile and like you said you use them a lot so you know that you're going to use this bag.