Am I cheap or what

  1. Since I have joined this forum my taste in handbags has gotten a little more extravigant. I purchased a Gucci tote bag last month but now I am still wanting to get a Louis Vuitton. I look at them on the website everyday and I also go into the stores and try them on. The problem I have is the cost. When I purchased my Gucci I was in complete denial of the cost. I don't think that I really looked at the receipt. So I guess my question is was it hard for you to make your first Vuitton purchase? I was strictly into Coach and a couple of years ago I would not buy one that was over $200. So am I cheap or what?
  2. No you are not. It was hard for me to 'upgrade' to the designer bags. It took quite a few years to gradually go up the scale. But, that was without the help and temptation of a board like this so I feel for ya.

    I'd say if you need a reason to buy or not to buy, look at your own financial situation, and if you feel that you can spend the money without putting yourself in debt, save for a few months and splurge!
  3. Hey I am in the same boat! I have been drooling LV bags online since i joined tpf 2 months ago and but have not got the courage to order one yet. Keep hinting that I need this bag to my husband! But then I am getting a new Cadillac DTS tomorrow so I have to put my bag purchase on hold. Cant really complain, I take a new car over a bag anytime! Cant wait to see my new car and it is in the color that I want : Crimson Pearl!
  4. You are not cheap at all. How about see if you still like that same handbag you have been trying on like say 6 months from now? (if it doesnt get discontinued that is).
  5. its not being cheap! it's just u buy what u can handle! it would be a diff story if u couldnt afford the stuff and bought it anyways.... :P
  6. Travelbug's advice is good. I agree, if it puts you in debt, it's out of price range. NO WAY are you cheap, you are intelligent enough to know that a designer bag purchase shouldn't be taken lightly. I had to "downgrade" back for a little while because my financial situation aka parents, have limited my spending for awhile. But once I feel like I can afford to shell out some money on another designer bag, I'm running to Gucci! I think that as long as you space out big purchases and allow yourself to splurge once in awhile you'll be fine. It's all about self control.
  7. Thanks for all of the great advice. Maybe the reason that I have not allowed myself to make the purchase is because I know that I have better things that I could be doing with the money. The fact that I would also have to use my credit card to get the bags means that I definetly cannot afford to buy it. Thanks for bringing me back into reality.
  8. Its definitely hard.. with so many beautiful bags, but I think many of us are in the same boat... we have to make our decisions wisely! Hey, even when I buy something cheap and don't use it I feel like I've wasted money and it bugs me! So with spending hundreds of dollars on something I have to be totally sure that I love it! Its ok to be cautious about your purchases! As long as you're not overly cautious and never enjoy your money!
  9. Just progress slowly, it will be ok!
  10. No you are not cheap. Designer bags, although not everybody may agree, are a luxury item. It's nice to have but not essential. As other posters have said, look at your financial situation, needs and let that help you decide. If you REALLY want to treat yourself, consider getting a part time job or donating plasma. (I had a roommate who did this in order to go skydiving. Another friend who did it because she is extremely frugal.) I, too, look longingly at many a bag, but at the same time I've got student loans and 401K's to think about!
  11. You're not cheap; you're probably realistic.
  12. Exactly. You are level headed and certainly not cheap. Just save a little here and adds up quick! Then when the time is right just splurge....That's what I do!
  13. No your not cheep, you just don't want to pay full price like everyone else. I think online is the best place to get a great deals. I've made my last 4 purchases at and have saved a lot of money. Be sure you do you hamework and know what the designer bag should look like vs a replica. Lot of fakes out there.:yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:
  14. I've upgraded when I owned 2 Speedies but nothing more after that. In fact, I fell back into my old pattern....staying with kate spades and Coach bags. They're my first love and will always be.
  15. "No your not cheep, you just don't want to pay full price like everyone else. I think online is the best place to get a great deals. I've made my last 4 purchases at BARGAIN DISCOUNT HANDBAGS and have saved a lot of money."

    You are kidding, right??????