Am I blinded by a good price?

  1. Well, its finally decision time for my birthday present ( I always buy myself something - don't tell anybody!) I've obsessed over whether I should get the e/w bag or the classic flap (black caviar for both).
    I can get the e/w for $1375 (which I think is the price prior to last increase) vs. the flap for about $1000 more. I really love both. Right now I am leaning toward the e/w, but am I blinded by the "great deal"? By the way, I'm more of a tote girl for daytime use. So, this will be to wear out on Sat. night with jeans or a little dress.
    What do you ladies think?
  2. I personally think there may be a bit of "good price syndrome" there. I know it has happened to me. When I was buying a flap (it's been close to a year now) I really wanted the jumbo but was seriously considering something smaller b/c of cost. I ended up buying the jumbo and I honestly couldn't be happier. It is still my favorite bag of all time.

    I really do think that buying what you know you love the most pays off in the end. I am positive that had I gotten a smaller flap, I'd still be wanting the jumbo and then I would have spent more in the long run. If you really love the e/w, go for it, definitely, but I would think about it. I'm obviously not in your head so I don't know your feelings but generally, I feel as though you have to ask if you're blinded, there may be a reason for it.
  3. ITA with ItsMyworld!:yes:
  4. ^^^
    Agree completely.
  5. have to agree 100%! get something you really really love instead of something that's okay for a better price. you'll be much happier :smile:
  6. yea dont b blinded my the price. i was gonna get the timeless clutch or the medium flap..but ended up w the jumbo..and now i dont regret it at all.
  7. Happy birthday! Fellow capricorn? Today is my birthday! :drinkup:
  8. Well, it also depends on what you already own. If you have totes and larger bags that you love then go for the E/W, otherwise go for the Classic Flap, which size where you thinking of in the Classic Flap? I have the jumbo and the GST so for me a smaller bag with a chain, not like the clutch, was great. Whatever you decide, I am sure you will be happy!!!:heart:H
  9. yes we've all been there ~ & we usually return it for the more expensive one ~ :lol: ~ hope you :heart: which ever one you buy ~ :flowers:
  10. Think of it on a cost per use basis. It isn't a deal if you only wear it once a week as opposed to spending more and using it every day.
  11. Well Happy Birthday to you Ferociousjeanne!:party:.

    And to the OP, get only what you really want, don't be swayed by price or you could regret it
  12. Happy Birthday Cappi. . .
    Hello folks, she said to wear out on a Saturday eve with a dress. So what's wrong with the e/w. It holds as much as a medium; the chain can be shortened. Rather than pitch this bag into the dust bin, give it consideration. I love these purses and use mine all the time and get many compliments. The medium flap would work nicely as well, but I don't see the jumbo being carried to a wedding, or out on a date.
  13. Happy Birthday! I did the whole price comparison for my first Chanel purchase. Bought the Small Classic Flap and completely regretted it. So, I went back and bought the Jumbo (LOVE IT) and now I'm stuck selling the Small on eBay. You should definitely buy what you want because later on you'll still be pining for it. Unfortunately, I had to learn it the hard way and my SO still reprimands me for it :sad: Are you leaning towards the Med/Large flap? or the Small/Med flap? If you have a very long zip around wallet, I don't really recommend the Small/Med because it may not fit it. The E/W fits it but that is about all it fits. If you have a smaller wallet, either bag will work for a night out.
  14. If you are happy with a cheaper price (BTW it's a great deal), then go for the E/W. But if you will be more happy if you have a bigger bag and u need to fit more stuff in, then get a larger flap. :smile: May be you will be happy with both choices. :p
  15. Thats why I asked what purses she already has. I had a bunch of big purses, so this E/W was a perfect addition for me. Actually I don't do Saturday evenings at clubs in cute dresses.....ROFL and haven't for a long time.....mostly do dinners with hubby or friends and lots and lots of babysitting. I have used my E/W ;quite a bit since I got it....2 days in a row, that is a lot for me, did lunch, shopping, client showing and grandkid picking up, even grocery shopping, found it to be so comfy and I could fit all I mine is a definite keeper...and my shoulder is loving her. I plan on shortening the chain for the time when I may go out fo a soiree at galleries, opera, etc. It was not easy for me to figure out how to adjust the chain, (I told you I was old), but finally got it....:heart:H