Am I being wasteful?

  1. Hello Everyone, I would like honest feedback. I have a, in my opinion small but lovely collection. 5 Louis Vuitton bag, 3 Gucci bags and about 16 SLGs ranging from LV, Chanel, Gucci and YSL. I love every piece in my collect and I want to add a Chanel and YSL bag to my collection this year.

    The thing is, when I originally started my collection I had an office position that allowed me to bring my bags to work everyday and have them safely in my office while working. 6 months ago I took a field position that requires me to go from location to location which is not ideal to have a purse with you, moreover I don’t have anywhere to put it once I get to the site.

    As a result my bags mostly sit on a self. They come out on the rare weekend that I am out doing anything that warrants taking a bag. It depresses me a little that they just sit there, it seems wasteful that all that money has become decoration.

    So my question is, should I feel as though I’m being wasteful by not using my bags? Should I sell them and just keep a few SLGs and a bag or 2 that I love the most? Any suggestions or advise would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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  2. No keep your bags!! You and I are almost similar when it comes to work. I have 3 Chanel bags, 7 LV bags, and 1 YSL bag and 7 SLGs ranging from LV, Chanel, and Gucci and the only thing I carry to work is my LV key cles and LV 6 ring key holder because I just don’t want to come off as “flashy” to anyone I work with or look like I make more money than others when actually my BF treats me to most of the bags I have anyways. So I only use my luxury items on the weekend also but I’m happy with that because it’s my choice. I feel like if you were to sell them you’d regret it in the long run and miss them being in your collection. I’ll be honest I love looking at them on my shelves I know I sound weird saying that though lol but I do use them every week. Just my thoughts.
  3. I don’t think your bag collection is excessive so I’d keep them ( as long as you love them all) and use them when you’re not working.
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  4. I wouldn't say wasteful is the term; you own them, the paying part is done for, and you have no obligation to reallocate what they cost to other uses (I assume).

    The question is, are you still enjoying your collection at the size it is, or is it annoying to you to have things not getting used? That's a very individual response. If it bugs you, sell to get to the collection size that feels best.
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  5. Very similar indeed, I only carry my mini pochette and my 6 ring most days. I store my bags in the dust bag. I’m actually thinking about getting a glass case with doors so I can see them but also keep the dust off.
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  6. I don’t think it’s excessive either. But just having them not being used bugs me.
  7. Not even sure how I came to this part of the forum, I own no high end luxury bags. But I had to say - if you love your collection, you love your collection. The sheer number of bags I have would be highly objectionable to so many people (if they knew, lol). But I am a collector, I love having them and using them as I want. It isn't a waste to have a collection, imho, it's a type of hobby. The other major thing I would say is to remember that you may not have that field position forever - who knows, you may later take another position where you can use your bags daily again, then I would think it would be sad to have to build up the collection again, and you may not even be able to get some of them again.
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  8. I would sell them, or some. Your lifestyle has changed and that means a change in bags. When it comes time to retire many women have to do the same thing - get rid of work totes, briefcases, and bags that are just no longer necessary. You have a lifestyle change and the bags that no longer fit should leave (and be replaced, or not).
  9. Your work situation changed once and it could change again so if you love your bags keep them for personal time. The only bags I purge are those I know I'll never wear again. Bags don't get sad if only used a few times a year. In my experience I rarely receive even 20% of the value of almost new condition bags so I might as well keep bags even if I really have more than I need.
  10. I agree :smile:
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  11. I say keep them because you love them all! Just rotate them on the weekends. I'm a stay home mom and don't use all my bags either but I love them and rotate them when I get a chance.
  12. That’s such a good idea I also keep them in all their dust bags. I just love seeing them all together and they make me happy with each purchase/buying experience that I’ve had acquiring each one. Do what makes you happy though that’s what’s important.
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  13. Your opinion is valued and appreciated. Thank you.
  14. I absolutely adore my collection, but just seeing them sit there and gather dust..just bothers me I guess.
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