Am I being unreasonable?

  1. Just won and received an item on eBay. I throughly read the auction and asked the seller if the item didn't sell the first time around would she agree to sell it to me for a certain price which was $150.00 dollars less than her starting bid? She agreed she would. Well it didn't sell for her starting bid and offered it to me at the price I wanted.

    Well, I received the item and upon inspection found that the purse has 3 1/4" black color transfer marks on one side and another 1" long black mark on the middle bottom of the purse. I immediately emailed the seller of my findings and sent pictures. She didn't notice them when taking pictures of the item. She was extremly apologitic. I tried to clean them but they woldn't come off. I asked for a 35.00 dollar reimbursement and I would keep the item. I did save $700 off the retail cost, but the purse itself was not in the condition described in the auction which stated no marks on the purse itself only the handles.

    Is this an unreasonable request?
  2. Your request is more than reasonable.
  3. Agreed - I think it's a reasonable request.
  4. Definitely.I would do the same thing.
  5. I think that is a reasonable request. Let us know what her response is...
  6. Yup, I agree with the others, it's quite reasonable.

    I know she was apologetic, but I'd be peeved since I've gotten the "I honestly didn't notice it!" line so often. :p
  7. very much reasonable. Hopefully the seller will be nice and accomdating. Goodluck!
  8. I think most sellers would be happy to be off the hook for only $35! It was very reasonable! ;)
  9. Yep totally reasonable, plenty of others would have asked for $100 or more or a full refund
  10. Reasonable!
  11. I was thinking about sending it back, but I really wanted the item and don't see them to often on eBay because its a new color. The seller agreed to a 30.00 refund. Thanks everyone for your input. :flowers:
  12. Think that request is more than reasonable
  13. I'm glad that it worked out for you!
  14. I absolutely think that your request is reasonable! I hope that the seller agrees and you are all with a happy ending!
  15. Yay for a nice buyer meeting a nice seller! Congrats on your new purchase!