Am I being too picky?

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  1. So I finally got my '06 shoulder bag in the mail this morning...someone signed for it upstairs because there were painters/workers in our office *whew* on Friday. I got it promptly this morning after a nervewracking weekend wondering who had my bag!!! However, when I opened it, I was a BIT disappointed...

    It's in pretty great condition on the outside. I think if I get brave and Apple condition it it will look fabulous. However the seller said NO stains and NO signs of wear. There are definite signs of wear at the corners of the bag (so slight you can only see them if you're looking for them) and there are some pen marks on the inside of the lining that you could not see on the auction pictures.

    It is also dirty--there is stuff inside all the pockets (dust/dirt looking stuff, not sure what it is) and the back zipper pocket, as well as encrusted in the crease where the front pockets meet the bag. It will all clean up nicely I am sure, but am I wrong to be upset? I don't really want to give the seller bad feedback because the flaws are so small, but at the same time I feel like she misrepresented the bag. I feel like sending it back may be more hassle than it is worth. What should I do?
  2. If you are dissatisfied you need to let the seller know. But before you email them ask yourself what you want the end result to be. Do you want to return the bag for a refund? Are you just wanting to let them know that they misrepresented the bag and other people may not be as forgiving as you?

    Post pics, please!
  3. I would def. e-mail them because you don't want to spend money on something that ended up be misrepresented. Maybe the seller can give you a partial refund or something.
  4. did you get a good deal or average ? The seller is supposed to disclose all damage. If there is lint and stuff, obviosly they didn't put great effort into cleaning it, I would complain but keep it if you got a great deal !
  5. I thought I got a pretty good was $255. The dirt kind of bothers me because I would never sell something that I hadn't cleaned up first (perhaps I'm just OCD like that, lol) but the biggest thing is that she said in answering a question to the seller that there were no signs of wear, no stains and no tears. Obviously it's a pre-owned bag so I was not thinking it would be brand new, but by stating that it did mislead me a little bit.

    I do want to keep the bag...I feel like most of these problems are easily fixed. I did just email her to tell her that I was a little disappointed and that she should be careful in the future as most eBay Coach buyers are very shrewd (and with good reason, IMHO)!! I was as nice and polite as possible, as she also seems to be a pretty seasoned eBayer.
  6. I would send it back. I bought a used purse 1x on eBay and, like yours, it was really not THAT bad, but I just could not handle paying that much for a used bag. Sure, if I had bought it new and those things had happened I could live with it, but I just felt icky about carrying someone else's used bag. I have seen these bags go for around that same price, but they are new. You may just have to keep searching again until you find the right one. I know its a pain, but I would rather be completely happy with my new bag that way I know I will actually feel proud to carry it!
    I think the seller should have disclosed everything about the bag. It is her mistake-not yours. Why should you have to clean her up? Personally I hate any kind of ink marks inside my purse. Its really your call whether you can live with the bag or not. If you end up not using it because of these things you have waisted your $.
  7. I would ask for the discount or send it back :biggrin:
  8. ^ I think by far that's the best option. If you love it, and you got a good deal on it, you should keep it so long as it will clean up nicely. I hate it when buyers do this and even though this is not so bad as to warrant neg feedback, you should voice your opinion. If anything, it may stop you from buying from this seller in the future and you could tell her that if others ask you about her selling style, you will be honest about this situation, as may people on here exchange advice about sellers/auctions/etc.

    In the end, I hope you love it, pre-owned or not!
  9. What color did you get ? These were at the outlets where I live for like $115 so maybe you could be put on a list at the outlet and have one held for you. I know that not everyone lives near an outlet so this is not an option. I live 1 hour and 1/2 from the outlet that I go to that carries non outlet exclusive peices so that is not that close but if I really want something, I will travel for it. I think that is a lot to pay for a used bag that shows signs of wear and that was dirty and the seller didn't disclose. Good luck !
  10. I have had that happen before too :tdown: Email the seller and let her know.. she may offer a discount or for you to ship it back. If you got a good deal and think it is worth keeping, then do it, or make her refund part of it.. I hate misrepresentation :mad: If it is not worth, it ship it back and make her pay for the shipping since it was not truthfully listed. Good Luck, keep us posted!

  11. I totally agree with this! I also have the same dilemma as you for both a bag and wallet, and I thought about it for a while. In my bag case, the seller said only one tiny flaw on back, and when I got the bag, it smelled of smoke, and had some wear and another flaw on the front...small but nevertheless noticeable, as was the light wear. I don't feel overall that she described it very well, or was at least misleading by stating "only one tiny flaw on back". In the end, I chose to leave no feedback and did not say anything about the bag because I felt it was relatively minor (I was being picky) and I didn't want to return the bag.

    For the wallet, I was more upset because they stuck it down in a NONPADDED envelope, no packing materials AT ALL, and they didn't even close the snap flap. Thus, the snap dug into the leather where it moved around. It was also a bit dirty inside the coin purse, some light wear, but overall still in good condition. In this case I felt it was a bad enough issue, especially with the sleazy shipping, to make a comment that I was less than thrilled with the packing and description. I explained everything in detail, and this person has yet to even comment back AT ALL. In this case I will probably leave neutral or neg., but I have not decided yet. A seller SHOULD respond, and do so in a timely manner. This has now been a couple of weeks. Because I plan on keeping the wallet anyway (because I can't find it anywhere else), I will probably just leave neutral.

    It's true you should always give your seller a chance to respond and make it right. Sometimes we have diff. opinions on "condition", and also some sellers' descriptions just don't give much in the way of detail. I would say if you are unhappy and don't want to keep it, then bluntly ask for a return. If not, and you plan to keep it even though the seller offers a return, I would tread more lightly.
  12. Yikes, I don't think 255 is a good discount for what sounds like a VERY used bag. Right now I've been seeing mint and NTW Legacy shoulders going for that price. I would absolutely get in contact with her because she did not describe the item correctly and that's a lot of money to spend on a used dirty Coach bag.
  13. I think I am going to keep it, after all. The seller did offer to let me send it back, and apologized profusely. She said she honestly did not see the signs of wear and would have reported them if she had...I don't know about that, but I'm just glad she reacted nicely to my email! The last thing I wanted was an email feud.

    It may seem dumb, but I'm kind of looking forward to cleaning this bag up and giving it some love...the signs of wear on the corners are VERY slight (even though they ARE there) and I'm hoping some Apple conditioner will help them. I ordered a bottle of it today. I am going to take the vacuum and the Tide to Go pen to the interior to get the crumbs and the ink marks out.

    I will take some pics tonight at home and post some "after" shots as well once I get done cleaning it up.
  14. Were they the '06 or '07 bags? I have seen the '07 but do not like those as much as the '06...I haven't seen one of those go for under $300 lately if they are NWT.
  15. Yeah, I didn't want to make a HUGE deal of it with the seller...I was obviously unhappy with it, which I let her know. I really do want to keep the bag, I just keep waffling on it. I was so happy to get it and now I'm just not. I want to clean it up and give it some love, since it obviously deserves to be carried by someone that appreciates it. I just hate situations like this! I am normally not afraid to speak my mind and lay down the law but I feel really bad in a situation like this, even though I'm obviously not the one at fault.