Am I being too picky? RANT!!!

  1. Hi all,
    I'm so ticked right now. I went to LV this afternoon to exchange the amarante inclusion bangle that I got while on vacation. It has pieces of glue inside, white streaks, and chipped looking areas.....also a bubble on top. My SA wasn't in, so they called the manager. She actually accused me of wearing it. I am so angry and upset....I want to cry. I've never been treated this way. I did not wear it....I'd never return something I wore. She looked up my history in the computer and saw that I returned an inclusion speedy charm, so she said that I return inclusion items......maybe I shouldn't buy them. WTH?!!! It's like I'm so turned off right now....I don't want to love LV anymore. Am I being too picky about the inclusion?
  2. oh no that is no good !! some of the inclusion items do have faults like the white streaks and the bubbling.... u r definitely not picky !!

    can you wait to speak to your regular SA tomorrow or so?
  3. I'm so sorry to hear of your experience...that manager has no right to "accuse" you of returning an item, so what, even if it's worn? Do their policies say you can't return used items? Then why the 14 day policy?

    I would just go to a different store, but don't stop loving LV....
  4. Wow.....sorry you got such sh---y treatment from LV! You are not the only one who has noticed the lack of quality in the inclusion pieces...seems like lately the prices keep going ^^^ while the quality is pretty shoddy. Did they let you return it?
  5. Sorry you had such an awful experience.
    IF LV doesn't want people to return things then they should enforce better quality control.:push:
  6. Omg i am so sorry they did this to you.
  7. That's awful! For the price you pay you should be 100% satisified with your purchase and LV has a return policy so the manager had no right to say you shouldn't buy inclusion pieces!
  8. wow, i am surprised that a manager would have such a nasty attitude.

    i hope your SA is able to help you.
  9. wow I would be turned off as well. they should inspect all items before selling. I had to exchange my dog carrier as the inside had a few deep scratches. when I took it in they exchanged it out no problem.
  10. That sounds really mean of them! Inclusion pieces often have flaws in them so if anything, the production needs to be improved so people don't have to buy flawed pieces and then return them!
  11. I hope your SA will be able to help you.
  12. That's a very bad way to treat a good customer. You have every right to return it if you were not happy with it or if it was flawed in any way. I hate the attitude of some SA's and managers. My store in Tampa that I frequent way too often and have bought many things from does not treat me very well. I will be going to a Saks LV from now on. My sister got treated like a queen at Saks and when she did an exchanged they even remembered her name. I hope that you find the perfect inclusion piece. Good Luck.
  13. That's not cool at all! It was wrong for the manager to accuse you of wearing it!!!

    I think you should go back and talk to your SA when he/she returns. ;)
  14. I was stunned.........I almost started to cry in the store. I get emotional very easily!! I just picked up my bracelet and walked out. The witch even marked exchange on my receipt because she pulled out 2 that were worse than mine while she lectured me that LV likes to give their customers "fresh items" rather than returns. I think I might go to another LV that I frequent more.....and they're much friendlier and explain what happened. I'm definitely going to try and return it because I feel that it's crap for the price I paid. What should I do, girls?!!!
  15. I agree with John on this.
    And that is odd that there are so many problems with the Amarante Inclusions.

    ETA: Definitely go to a store you're more comfortable dealing with. Don't give the bad stores your business!