Am I being too picky? I want this bag but...

  1. Hi everyone! I finally settled on the perfect bag for my Disney trip, thanks to some very kind modeling pics from some lovely PF members :yahoo: Its the signature duffel and i cant wait to get it!!! Here is my dilemma- I called a couple of the coach outlets and the SA's told me that the bag is on sale for $118. Which is AMAZING except the 2 outlets nearest me don't sell signature. There are a bunch of them on eBay but the bidding always seems to go well above 118 (at least the ones I have been home to watch go off), and sellers w/ buy it nows want like 160 and higher.:hysteric: Normally I would think 160 is still a great deal, but it really bothers me to know that most other people can buy this bag for $118 AND get to pick out the one they want themselves! I reallllly want this bag but paying a $40+ markup just makes me annoyed, like im no longer getting a good deal. Am I thinking too much about this? Am i being unreasonable? Should I just suck it up and buy it for $180ish (w/ shipping) on eBay? Or do I have some other option that I dont know about (like, is there anyyyy way to get an outlet SA to ship w/ the outlet price?) Just wondering if this would bother anyone else or if Im just being silly :shame: THANKS!
  2. Sorry, heres the pic!
  3. All I can say is I know exactly what you mean..... been there, done that and is is a killer to know what they are going for and you can't get to it!!! The thing I can think of is if you happen to have a friend that lives around an outlet that does have it, they could pick it up and you pay to ship.. otherwise, unfortunately, eBay or jax at full retail is your only option.. sorry!
  4. BTW.. I love that bag.. I used to have the medium duffl (10403) in chocolate and it was one of my favorite bags... I am still upset that I sold it. :tdown:
  5. Im sure you, can get it for less. I just got the same bag, in a different color for $130. But I love it so much its well worth the $180 too.
  6. I wanted the same bag, same problem! I cant see paying full retail price when I can get it in the outlets for $118!!!!! But I have NO outlet to buy it in b/c the outlet near me is NOT a signature outlet!!!!!! I feel your pain!!! :yes:
  7. Great bag. Hope you can find one at a good price.
  8. Thanks for the help! Ill probably just keep obsessively watching ebay for a better buy. They really need to put signature into the outlet by me! Ive heard that they do a radius test- if an outlet is within 45 miles of a regular coach store they wont let them sell signature. Seems silly to me.

  9. Hmmm... Then Hawaii must be special because there's our outlet that sells signature and all the boutiques are well within 45 miles...
  10. ok... I DID IT! :yahoo: I found one on ebay for $135- which makes me feel a lot better considering I would pay almost that much w/ tax, gas to get to the outlet (if my outlet would have had them), etc. Yay! I cant wait for it to get here! Now I just need to get my hands on one of those watermelon charms to put on it :p