Am I Being Too Mean By Doing A "Block Bidder"?

  1. Hi everyone. I've been selling on eBay for many years and haven't run into too many weirdos - or not nice people, but today I got an email from someone who I thought was very rude. It basically said "Your picture is really blurry and far away and I doubt you'll get much interest." That's it. That's all they wrote. So I took another picture, revised it and said back to him "thank you for your good point. I have revised the photo - however, I would have appreciated a less negative comment such as "perhaps a clearer picture would generate more interest." It WAS a good point. However, his guy rubbed me the WRONG way. I don't know. I decided to block him. I don't need this kind of person. I sense problems. So he emails me back "So if I made a good point, why am I blocked from your auctions?"
    Now look....I'm not trying to be anyone's mother and teach them good manners. It's not my business what a jerk some people are outside of eBay - I don't care. I just don't want to deal with them.
    Do you think I was wrong in blocking him? After all, we all have the right to sell things to who we want...and I suppose some would think I overreacted....but seriously, what a cad.
    Thoughts? :wlae:
  2. I am as we speak dealing w/ a CRAZY woman on eBay. She had 12 YES 12 NEGATIVES & I still sold to her. Clearly, I had a moment of insanity. Now a WEEK after receiving the bag she wants a refund.

    My auctions state all sales final except for authenticity. She claims there is damge (rubbing) behind the hardware. I disagree but either way the bag is a used bag & 5 years old. I said it was in very good condition & inspected & photo'd everything.

    I say okay to a return except for the shipping to her & that she will have to pay for shippoing back. She is completely freaking out & screaming at me through e-mail that she will NOT agree to that & that I should take the bag back & then give her $30 for her trouble!?!? WTF?!?

    I offered her a refund of $510 & she declined it because she will loose $40ish.

    Basically, absolutely block this guy & just don't respond to anymore e-mails. You have no ties to him. Just ignore him. Sounds like a total pain in the a$$!

    I have over 210 + feedbacks, no negatives, am a powerseller & have been on eBay for 2 years. Never ONCE received ANY complaint & now this NUTJOB! UGH!

    Blow this guy off! He's probaly the husband of my crazy lady! LOL!
  3. Lol geez.
    I don't think it's too harsh at all.

  4. LOL!!!

    Seriously, don't worry about blocking him. I have at least 20 people blocked from my auctions. Granted, most of them are due to not paying, but I've got a couple on there who were complete nutjobs too. It's your item, and you can choose with whom you will or won't transact.
  5. No you did the right thing. Let the buyer know you blocked them because they were rude to you. You dont wanna deal with a person like that.
  6. I can understand why you would not appreciate how that ebayer put it. There was a more positive way of putting that, for sure.

    remember, that person is just one in a sea of many. Block who you want, don't worry about it.
  7. I sometimes think that the written word can be taken in so many contexts. The guy saying "Your picture is really blurry and far away and I doubt you'll get much interest" isn't exactly the politest way to put it, but neither is it the rudest. It just depends how you read it. Remember, men tend to use few words anyway and are more to the point, which can sometimes seem rude but it's not intended that way.

    However, I firmly believe that if you feel uncomfortable dealing with this person, then sure, block him. You have a right to block him if you don't want to do business with him.
  8. We just blocked a bidder too - some idiot who's never been on ebay before. He's bidding on a motorcycle exhaust thingoe DH is selling, and someone else has come along and is bidding on it.. doing the gently, gently, $5-by-$5 thing. Idiot man has emailed DH very rudely and abusively telling him to stop bidding the price up, and that he'll stop paying more money soon!!! What a moron to not even understand how auctions work - he thought DH was upping the price on him! We cancelled his bids, it was $50 worth but it's not worth it to potentially have to deal with him. Also emailed back telling him he's cancelled and blocked, and sent him a link to ebay guides where the how-to section explains how auctions work.

    Having dealt with stupid people before, they're not worth the hassle. You were right to block him.
  9. I guess we might all perceive his tone differently but, I think the bottom line for me is that I always trust my intuition and it seems to me that your intuition was sending you strong signals that this man is not someone with whom you want future contact - that is entirely your privilege and a very sensible call because it allows you to deal with a sense of unease and move on!
  10. I never feel bad about blocking anyone who makes me uneasy. I'd rather not sell than sell to a nutjob.
  11. Anyone who sends me a rude comment, thankfully it's rare but I block immediately as if they buy you can be sure they will be trouble.
  12. the comment was mean spirited and quite rude..........good for you that you blocked him
    ick! what a creep
  13. I block people all the time. Whenever I receive a question that leads me to think the buyer is a potential "problem", they get blocked. I go with my gut on it.
  14. I agree, it's best to go with your gut...if you get a bad vibe you're likely right and it's better to be 'mean' now than have to deal with a big hassle later...
  15. The fact that he emailed again to ask why you blocked him tells me he's a problem waiting for a place to happen, you were right to block him, it's your auction after all.
    And if I were you, I wouldn't engage him in any further discussion, I think he's just itching for an argument.