Am I being too fussy?

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  1. Okay so some of you might know I have been on the looking to get a dark red/burgundy coloured bag. Have loved the black forest this season but didn't want it in the Del Rey and I already have a Bays so I decided to keep looking.

    Anyway, Harrods had 10% off this weekend so I went for the Bays. It arrived today and I was so excited but was disappointed when I opened it. The bag had been stuffed into a box that was clearly not big enough for it and wasn't even sent in the dust bag (was included though). It was very squashed and although this leather is prone to getting slouchy and soft I'm not sure whether to keep or send back.

    Please offer me some advice if you would keep or whether I should try and exchange. My family are saying I am too fussy and there is nothing wrong with it but I can't help feeling that when you pay so much money for something it shouldn't be sent like that and it might have added to its wrinkles.




  2. Personally, I would send it back and ask for it to be exchanged with one that was packaged correctly. Yes there is nothing wrong with it, but the creases would really bother me - I know they are prone to it, but I would want them to be creases through my use IYKWIM.

    I guess I'm as fussy as you! ;)
  3. I would send it back.The bag looks like used for month.
  4. Your allowed to be fussy when you spend so much on a bag, these items aren't exactly cheap so therefore should be presented to the highest standard, I think the bag looks fabulous and no matter what you do it's going to wrinkle with use anyway :smile:
    I would definitely get on the phone to customer services and ask them why your bag was so poorly packed ?!
    I would demand some kind of compensation even if it's a further 10% discount on your next purchase or/and your postage costs refunded, or even a further discount on the bag already purchased, it's a beautiful bag and if your still happy with the style/colour then don't send it back
  5. I would also send it back and ask for another one packed correctly, no squashed into a too small box. As this is a color and style that still is easy to get then it is should be easy to change it. If it one was the last one around then I perhaps would have kept it, but not now. I guess I'm also is fuzzy, but that is not the shopping experience you'd expect to get when you are paying thoses prices!
  6. Not being fussy at all! These bags are not cheap, and I think we lose sight of that sometimes. It's £700 being sent through the post. That's not pin money. It should be properly sent.
    Moreover, people should complain so that these happens less frequently. If they think they can get away with lazy packing, they will continue to do so!

    :shame: ok i'll calm down now. :smile:
  7. I actually prefer more wrinkly bags, although I prefer to give them the lived in look myself. I would ask for a further discount if you can live with it as it is or return if. I have to admit steph I'm jealous you've even received yours. I weakened & placed an order online Sunday night & still not received. Quoted 3-5 days delivery. I've rang twice today & been assured I will receive it Tom on its 5th day but still my a/c says its not been despatched. Don't think I will use Harrods again. Have def been spoilt with Mulberry & their duped efficient next day UPS deliveries.
  8. Duped?! Predictive text! Should be super efficient UPS!
  9. I would send it back, looks a bit used, I know the feeling of being disappointed with an expensive delivery
  10. I would definitely send it back, when you spend that much money in a bag you should definitely expect it to arrive sufficiently packaged and in beautiful condition! The Bays is gorgeous in that colour, I think that's next on my (much too long) 'to get' list!
  11. Half the excitement is opening up a parcel. So disappointed for you to find it unsatisfactory. Dreading my delivery now - if it ever arrives.
  12. I would definitely send it back think how Mulberry packs their items. I would of expected more of Harrods to be honest.
  13. oh dear. I would send it back or see if you can get a further discount as looks quite good (I don't mind wrinkly).
    hmm I am scared about ordering my black forest bays from them now :sad:
    They sent my wallet extremely well wrapped. To be honest it was overkill for such a small item!
    mulberry box, harrods case, lots of wrapping in a huge box? WHY? And then they squeeze your Bays into something small........ humph!
  14. No i dont think you are at all.
    Lovely coloured bays Steph give it back and get another.:tup:
    As there's nothing worse than feeling not satisfied when you receive something you have paid so much for.:tdown::nogood:
  15. Your not being too picky, fussy or whatever...Ive had a not so perfect bag sent to me also (not Harrods) and although I know I will make it slouchy, get a mark on it etc... Like everyone else on here spending our hard earned money I want it to be perfect when I receive I'd send it back.

    Harrods is a luxury store that should know better than to send out a product in a sloppy way. :nono: