Am I being too fussy?

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  1. Ive mentioned before that Im not a fan of used items .. I just have a "thing" about them .. I get the heebiejeebies (sorry!).

    Anyway - I recently purchased a Poppy purse/clutch off evilbay - which mentioned some "tiny scratches" on the Mulberry plaque, which I thought - "Fair enough, can live with that" .. but I got it today & the scratches arent THAT tiny .. & the purse has dirty marks on it. There are also two or three areas where the leather is coming off slightly.

    I have taken pics, but due to the colour of the leather, it is tricky to get the true YUK of the problems.

    I had to pay by cheque as my Paypal account was messing about (had credit card issues!) so Im not all that hopeful of getting anything back, as I have emailed the seller today ... ! Anyway - here are the pics ..


    [​IMG] (shows colour coming off the studs)




    [​IMG] (shows nick in leather)


    [​IMG] (shows damage to leather)

    What do you all think? I paid £102 plus postage.
  2. I wouldn't be happy to be honest looking at the condition. If they won't refund i suppose you could open an 'item not as described' dispute as they didn't mention the extent of the damage. Have you got the link to the original auction?
  3. I agree with Jo. They are not minor scratches. I would contact the seller straight away and ask for your money back. If she refuses I would open a SNAD dispute.
  4. Well- they don't do refunds but they certainly didn't disclose the condition it was in. I'd be trying to get my money back. Are you happy with authenticity (only asking because i wouldn't have a clue)
  5. Im glad you think so too - I was really disappointed when I saw it - but thought perhaps i was just being super-fussy. I cant help it - Im too spoiled & like new things :lol:

    I have contacted her - so will see what happens!

    Can I open a dispute like that even though I paid by cheque? I normally only pay by Paypal so Im kinda clueless!

    Thanks ladies .. !
  6. Hi, Iam really disappointed for you. Its horrible when u receive something & its not in the condition as expected. I would definately contact the seller & say ur not happy with the condition & they werent clear enough in the listing description - u have still paid a fair price. Fingers crossed u get ur money back. Keep us posted. polly x
  7. Comparing it to my fawn Poppy, I THINK it looks ok - same studs, zip pulls the same etc. The tag with it looks ok too ... !

    B****Y evilbay!!! :rolleyes:
  8. I paid by cheque for my fake Elgin some years ago. I didn't get the full amount back but e-bay still compensated me about £115. Like you i obviously didn't have paypal protection.
  9. Ahh ok - thanks Jo!

    I will see what the seller says - she might be nice & want to keep her positive feedback, who knows!!
  10. Cheeky little liar - those are horrid scratches.

    Although I am a second hand buyer, I particularly dislike damage on pale coloured items which I want to look pristine.

    Full refund or SNAD in my opinion.
  11. Thanks Jenova.

    It is really comforting to know others have the same opinion.

    Ive had my fawn Poppy for over a year now - used her non stop for a while & she hasnt even got those kind of ikky marks on, never mind the scratches.

    I'll update you all!
  12. Oh god LMM that looks a bit grim :sad: I wouldn't be happy with it either as it looks very well used and chucked about, at least not for what you paid for it!
  13. It's described as "really good condtion" bar the "tiny scratches". Neither of those descrptions are accurate based on the photos posted up.
  14. Thanks ladies - it's quite grubby & that bothers me :sick: