am I being too anal about this?

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  1. I LOVE the fold over wristlet, so much I want to forget about getting a wallet and turn this into one so I can tote this around wherever I go. But on the back the fabric is kind of scratched in a way? kinda like snagged, but my pictures couldn't pick it up. am I just being anal? should I exchange it? should I suck it up and keep it because the legacy fabric will do that anyway?
  2. wait, have you gotten the wristlet? I thought it hadn't arrived...
  3. No you aren't anal! I would exchange it for another one. I want my stuff as perfect as possible.
  4. I just got it today! And was so excited..but then of course something had to rain on my parade..
  5. I would still be excited just knowing I had it in my hands! Its a cute piece. When you exchange it have them wrap it!
  6. I don't understand why every time I get something from JAX its always damaged!!
  7. That happens to me too! In addition to that they have also shipped me the wrong merchandise.
  8. ^^Did they send you something flawless eventually? I really want to start using it! It was suppose to be overnight and I only got it today when I ordered it during the start of the event. But I understand with the holidays and all..I just don't want to wait even more!
  9. I dont think you're being anal either send it back and exchange it for another one i am the same way if i see something wrong on it i will take it back.
    Who is JAX if you don't mind me asking?
  10. maybe I should just keep it and keep my mouth shut.