Am I being to rough on my bag?

  1. I got a new blue twiggy in December 06 & have been using it everyday since. I've just started noticing that the edges/piping are becoming worn & losing their luster. Is that normal for the amount of use I've done? Are there any tricks to keeping a bag in tip top condition without storing them away?
  2. That would be normal for me. I often receive used bags however, that have perfect corners. Perhaps we tend to put our bags down on surfaces more often, while others tend to hang them?
    I've often wondered about this myself (Why am I so darn hard on the corners?).
  3. that is normal to me :p
  4. I think I'm even harder on my bags than that. Also, I think the twiggy and the box are the most hard to care for, corner-wise. My twiggy's corners were completely worn out after 6 months of everyday use ( that was still back in the days when I bought a bag/season...LOL)... so I had to take it to a traditional leather craftsman who replaced the piping completely on both sides of my twiggy.
    IMO, it's hard not to put your bags down. I also find it impossible to prevent the major bumpage when you're crammed in a metro and people bump into your bag all the time...
  5. It would be soooo nice if Bal could put feet on all of their bags - it would really cut down on the normal wear and tear.
  6. that seems pretty normal to me... i have a 2005 caramel twiggy and her edges are a bit worn too
  7. i never understand why putting the bags down would cause such torn corners??!!?? i'd think that there'll be stains on the bottom but not the corners....bbags are really sensitive!!!
  8. I have LMB's Ultimate Moisturizer and when my Truffle Twiggy's corners start looking a little worn I just massage some of that into them....makes a big difference. :yes:
  9. My bags edges are also worn. It is worse with the color white because it is highly visible.
  10. I don't like hanging my twiggy because I don't like the way it folds up with my stuff in it (with it being long). I've got it stuck in my head that if I leave it like that overnight, it will be there permanantly.
    I guess I will try LMB now, I've been avoiding it because I get AG from Burlington.
    Thanks ladies, you are so sweet & helpful?:love:
  11. you must all be really really careful with your bags... Was my twiggy the only one that was so worn out you could see the plastic tube inside the piping?
  12. I don't use my bbags often because I have so many bags. I use them for a couple of weeks at a time though. My twiggy has a little wear on it, but nothing major. Same thing for my city. Those are the ones that get the most use.
  13. I think firsts are the easiest style to take care of. I don't think Ive ever seen a beat up one, except Sienna's.
  14. I have the same piping problem as well - been debating how best to take care of it. Did you fix your bag, and if so, how did it turn out and what did you do? TIA!
  15. I took it to a leather craftsman who took apart the bag and replaced the piping. Very hard job. It turned out ok, but I'm not too frenetic about everything being "factory-made" looking, so I don't mind the small difference. The piping is a little thicker than it used to be, it will also probably be more tear proof this way. I paid 150 euro for it.