Am I being to harsh?

  1. Hi all! I just wanted some opinions on whether or not I'm being too harsh with a particular ebayer. I have a bag up right now, and I have had a particular ebayer ask several questions and ask for quite a few pictures, all of which I happily obliged to. In yet another email she asked if I could wait 2 weeks for her to pay me after the auction ended if she won. I again, said this would be OK. So she bid. Then in ANOTHER email she asked for the size (which I already answered) and asked for still more pictures. After not even 18 hours she retracted her bid with the reason "seller cannot be contacted"! :confused1: She emailed me while I was at work yesterday and I got called in unexpectedly, and I had promised to take my son and his friend out to eat and to the movies. I was too tired when I came home to take pictures and upload them so I figured I'd do them today (the auction still has 2 days left). I feel as though I've been jumping through hoops for this person and especially after agreeing to accepting payment 2 full weeks after the auction ends. I am kind of angry at this because I think this makes me look bad, as a seller. I have lots of watchers on the bag and I would hate for a watcher/potential buyer to see that there is now no bids and to see that a buyer retracted their bid because I couldn't be contacted. It makes me look shady and unreliable. So, perceiving that this person could be a potential continued problem if she were to bid again and win, I answered her email, told her that I didn't feel it was right for her to retract under the grounds that I couldn't be contacted, especially since she had been in contact with me all along, then after sending the email, I added her to my BBL. Is this too harsh of me?
  2. no.
  3. No you are not harsh. I can tell she is a troublemaker allready...just from your post about her. I would block her from bidding/buying from you again. Shes a nut job.
  4. not at all....I probably would do the same thing....don't feel bad at all:wlae::okay:
  5. Thanks guys! I feel better. I didn't think I was overreacting, but when I mentioned it to my bf, he looked kind of surprised. He thought I was being kind of harsh, but I have been on eBay (and this forum!) for long enough to know that the hassles just aren't worth it. (He does not eBay and has NO idea!) :nogood:
  6. No you are definitely NOT being harsh .. and yes, you should block her from bidding in the future .. she sounds like a PITA!
  7. No not at all
    I think you are wise who needs the hassle

    Hope you had a great time out
  8. As soon as I heard she wouldn't pay you for 2 weeks, I agreed with you. Those generally aren't the terms of eBay, period. It's probably a very good thing that you blocked her.
  9. No, not harsh. There are millions of buyers in ebay-land, this is not the one for you!
  10. I don't think it's harsh at all. She was a pain in the a$$ to begin with.
  11. nope, don't think you were harsh either, she is playing with your auction which def. isn't good. so what will happen if she wins it?!? good for you!!
  12. she sounds like a nut. maybe not, but it's not worth the risk of a claim later, and ultimately losing your money. it's a business transaction, you don't have a moral obligation to sell to these people.
  13. No, you were right to block her.
  14. I would stay away from this buyer.
  15. As others have said, I do not think you are being harsh, I would stay away from this buyer also. What s/he did was wrong. If I was worried about what others would think I'd update the description section or something on my listing to mention that you answer all emails as soon as possible usually within one day/12 hours/whatever you want to say. and that whoever retracted their bid did it for unknown reasons, not because they couldn't contact you. I'm not great at wording, but something like that to explain yourself.