Am I being tacky doing this?

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  1. I still have eyebrows, but they are kind of thin and light colored compared to my hair after i plucked them. its not like they are not there. And i have brown hair. So, is it okay if I just powder them in a little so it is a thicker and the color is closer to my hair? Or, is this to tacky. No one seems to ever notice i do this. :confused1:
  2. No, I do not think it is tacky...
    I have really light eyebrows, and I color them in...whenever I do decide to put on make up..
  3. I'm pretty usure it'll look fine, It's definitely not tacky
  4. i don't think it's tacky.

    just don't take it too far. i know this one girl who shaves her eyebrows completely off, and then line it in.

    eyebrows do have a function you know!
  5. It sounds very tasteful. Tacky is when they're drawn on with hard lines or look obviously the wrong color with your hair and complexion.
  6. I does not sound tacky.
  7. I am soooo naturally blonde that you can hardly see my eyebrows, they are so light!!

    I use Smashbox Brow Tech to fill them in a bit and give em some color:smile:
  8. My eyebrows are quite light (my natural hair colour is very light brown- honey so my eyebrows dissapear with my skintone). I colour in as well and I think it lifts the eyebrows and give a more 'put together' effect. I dont think its tacky at all! Just dont make them too think as it ages.
  9. I don't understand. You said you pluck them. But it's not like they are not there.
    Do you mena you shape them by plucking, or you plucked them all out?

    Mine are light too so I dye mine a couple of shades darker than my hair color and it makes a WORLD OF difference.
    I still use a brow product to fill them in, but it's a huge difference having them the right shade to start w/.

    I do it at home w/ regular hair color. I mix it according to directions and squeeze a dime size on a paper plate and dab it on w/ a Q-tip.
  10. ^^ Thanks for the tip swanky. I always thought you had to use a seperate dye? I might try that as my hair is really dark but my eyebrows aren't!:confused1:
  11. I am getting a little older & mine are graying & thinning out. I have them touched up when I get my hair done. I also use Smashbox's Brow Tech & am very happy with it. I never used anything up until a few months ago.
  12. No, I actually do that to my brows from time to time.
  13. I also hardly have eyebrows and they are very blond. I fill them in with a tinted brow gel or powder. I don't like to use brow liner because the line ends up being too harsh. Not tacky at all though, I have seen make-up artists do this with clients!
  14. doing this is not tacky at all, in fact i do it myself.
  15. Either dye them or use a powder shadow, MAC Corduroy is a good one. Use a small brow brush.