Am I being silly? Buying the same item i have already and selling the original?

  1. My friend's in Paris. But there's, yes suprisingly, nothing I want enough or can afford right now for him to buy. In that case, would it be nuts to ask him to buy either a pochette accessories or wapity (both of which i already have, both in good condition, the pochette is new ive only used it like once) just so I can have something from paris and sell the one I have already? :p
  2. I would refrain...:smile: about a different line of pochette or wapity if you must have something directly from Paris?
  3. There's nothing you can think of that you might want? Like a cles, a different style pochette, an agenda?
  4. There are things that I like but nothing I'm absolutely dying for that I would get a lot of use out of. I want a Cabas Piano but its a bit out of my price range right now.
  5. Yeah I do think its silly.... I think it would be worth it to get a new piece that is made in paris!
  6. mm..yeah I agree...and you can't be certain you'll get your money back or earn a profit if you sell the items you got at home. I would buy something small from another line...even a cles or something just to say it's from paris!
  7. buy something else
  8. i'd get something else, even if it's something small like a cles or keychain!
  9. Or how about an inclusion bracelet? They're under $300.