am I being scammed????

  1. Ok, heres the deal. I bid on and won a purse on Sept. 19th. I paid immediately with paypal. Then I waited a few days and emailed the seller asking when or if my purse had shipped. I received a response saying they would email with the tracking information, this was on the 21st. I emailed them again on the 24th saying I still hadn't received the tracking, and asking when my bag shipped. This time they responded 2 days later saying they will email me the tracking and make sure my bag shipped right away and that they don't know why it was delayed. Well today is the 28th and I still haven't heard anything from them about the shipping.

    I feel like they are avoiding telling me the real deal about my purse but I might just be paranoid from reading all the horror stories on her.

    Anyways, what should I do about it??
  2. Has she got good feedback? I would go and start a dispute through paypal asap.
  3. she has 600+ feedback with like 99.4% positive. They are all pretty good up until lately, she has one negative saying they never received their item and others that say it took up to 2 weeks for their item to ship. Both of which make me pretty unsure. I dont know what to think though.
  4. I dont get why she is responding saying she doesnt know why its been delayed. Does she not have control to ship it? I would start a "item not received" dispute through pp to hurry her up.
  5. so i should start it through paypal or eBay?
  6. You should definitely start it through PayPal. This way they HAVE to respond.
  7. this might be a dumb question but can the seller decide not to sell to me if I file a claim? or do they have to send it to me?
  8. If you have already paid she needs to refund you or send the item. She will be a non-performing seller if she doesnt post it.
  9. ok great. thanks so much for yalls help. I just started a paypal dispute. Thanks again
  10. You have PLENTY of time to file a claim through paypal....DO NOT FILE YET!!!

    If you file an INR after 10 days, then you recieve the item, not as described, then you are out of luck. You can only file one claim with paypal and that is it. You should be patient, you said yourself that people have complained about slow shipping.

    Wait and if you haven't recieved it after 30 days then file.
  11. I dont believe this is the case. However - she should not close the dispute as soon as the item arrives, it should be authenticated first. I think she has dont the right thing filing a claim considering the time the seller has already ignored her for and failed to post the item.
  12. You can only file ONE claim with paypal either a snad of an item not recieved. Once you have filed you can't change is to late. You have 45 days to file and you should really wait longer before you file. The seller hasn't ignored her, she just hasn't provided tracking info. Plus before you file(d) you should have got their contact info from eBay and called them.

    If the seller provides a tracking # and it has been escalated, once the tracking number is shown deliveres, paypal will close the case.

    If she recieves the item and it is not authentic the only thing she can do is a charge back.
  13. 4theluvof-it is correct -- the same thing happened to me. I opened a dispute because I didn't receive a bag, and on the last day before I would have won the dispute, lo and behold they provided PP with the tracking info. I received the bag and it was counterfeit. PP would not allow me to open a separate dispute. I bet the seller knew this.

    Thankfully, I paid with Amex and issued a chargeback, and got all my money back.
  14. ^^^gosh, I never knew about the limits on claims. Good to know.
  15. Wow... I have been with eBay for seven years but never knew about this "file only once" PayPal rule until today. Good to know!

    For this case, it has been 10 days but the seller could not provide the tracking number. Seems like she cannot keep her selling in order. Like lorihmatthews said, if you receive a fake after filing INR, you could file a chargeback from cc then.