Am I being picky? condition of ebay item

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  1. I bought a down jacket on ebay which stated that it was in excellent condition
    when it arrived, I found that the inside pocket was totally ripped and there were used tissues and receipt inside the inner layer of the coat. There was also some water stains on the jacket (which would come out with dry cleaning so I am sending it off).
    Should I mention this to the seller? I am wondering if I am being too picky or not.
    Other than this, I am happy that I was able to buy the jacket since it was a model I wanted before and the seller was friendly and shipped promptly.
    Thank-you in advance
  2. If you think the seller will suggest that you return it, don't have it dry-cleaned. If returned, it must be in the same condition as sent. (And although cleaning is an improvement, it's not the same condition and the seller has a legitimate right to refuse the return.)

    Many sellers would rather take a return than offer/issue partial refunds because too many buyers are using it to find a way to get items for less than they paid. (I'm not saying you're doing this but many buyers do do it.)
  3. Eww the used tissues, that isn't okay to me. After the cleaning, would the price you paid be worth it for the ripped pocket? Personally if I still felt annoyed with being mislead, I'd ask to return. If I could fix it or I felt like I got a good deal despite the flaws, I would keep it. Asking for a partial refund is up to you, the worse thing she could say is "no".
  4. The jacket was described in excellent condition. It's obviously not according to you

    So what would you like to do?? Do you want to clean & repair, do you want the
    seller to take it back & refund you or do you want a partial refund?

    You have to let the seller know what you want in order for her to offer you
    something.. If you don't ask or let your seller know you are disappointed, (condition) she
    can't possibly do anything to accomodate you..
  5. Ugh, please do not suggest requesting a partial refund.

    It has been mentioned here before that you have never sold something - so maybe you don't realize that "partial refunds" are the bane of a seller's existence. Really - nothing makes us cringe more.

    If OP is not satisifed with the condition as received, she really has 2 choices:

    1) ask for a return or

    2) keep the item and have it cleaned

    It's pretty simple. Only she knows how she feels about the item.
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    According to the OP the jacket was described in excellent condition.

    Excellent condition is very subjective, but would not think excellent condition would

    mean : it arrived with used tissues in the pocket , it was ripped & there were water stains

    Should the buyer have to pay for the expense of cleaning the jacket & repairing the ripped packet?

    Or would it be reasonable to ask the seller to cover the expense of that
    hence being a partial refund to cover those costs?
  7. No and no.

    Buyer can return. If the seller doesn't/won't accept a return, open a SNAD and provide photo evidence of the rips/stains that were not described.

    Don't ask for a partial.
  8. I don't know. I actually agree about not asking for a partial refund if you're not happy with something, as I always think if I wasn't happy with something then a partial wouldn't change that. In this case however, whilst the non described ripped pockets would tick me off, because that isn't visible, it would be something I could live with. The fact the jacket has dirt/water marks on it that were also not described, and that *could* be sorted by dry cleaning, then I think I would email saying how disappointed I was, however as at least the dirt/water marks were fixable, I would ask for the cost of the cleaning - not a partial refund of the purchase price - and I would be specific about that, saying how much the dry cleaning would be.

    Whether you return or ask for the cost of the dry cleaning op, good luck. It's more than annoying, and more and more frequent I'm finding, to purchase stuff that doesn't stand up to the descriptions.
  9. I would not ask for even the cost of cleaning, as I just expect that whenever I buy something used, I'm going to have to clean it.
  10. It is a good suggestion to contact the seller & have the OP share her disappointment.
    Maybe the seller didn't check the jacket out before she shipped it

    Many buyers are frustrated by misleading descripions & condition, sigh...
  11. And many sellers are just as frustrated with buyers who don't read descriptions.....

    it's a two way street.

    And no - I'm not referring to the OP by my above statement, I'm responding to your blanket statement with my own blanket statement. It's really a moot point, you see?
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    It definitely is a two way street & for many sellers it is frustrating dealing with buyers who may not
    read descriptions & as frustrating for buyers who are disappointed with items that are misdescribed (intentionally or not)

    But this thread is about a description not being in the condition that the
    seller described it to be & what her options are...

    And perhaps the buyer should just file a SNAD if the seller is not responsive
    or just keep it, clean it & absorb the cost for it & repair the ripped pocket..
  13. I was asked for a refund once because the material on the item made her itch. Really? They filed a claim on me, I won. I had had a lot of bogus claims to seek partial refunds at the time and had had it.
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    Thank-you for all of your replies.
    I am keeping the jacket because it will cost a bit but is fixable.

    I was just thinking whether to tell her about the rip (the pocket was totally ripped) because
    I am just afraid she might take it that I want a partial refund and get annoyed...
    I had one time when I sent a small complaint about an item to a particular seller
    and she got all defensive and started writing me a whole paragraph that buying preowned items are a buyer's risk and she has no responsibility after I receive the item...

    but I think I will send her a polite message and depending on her reaction, leave a positive or neutral feedback

  15. It is possible this was an oversight on the part of the seller. Who knows for
    sure... only the seller

    I would not be afraid/intimidated under any circumstances to politely exlain how
    the jacket arrived. You have decided to keep it so you will not be asking
    for any costs to be reimbursed...and you can mention that as well so your
    seller won't be as you say don't see why the seller should become
    defensive & she may very well appreciate this. Its not always what you say but rather
    how it is said, IYKWIM

    And you will be leaving positive feedback as well?