am i being paranoid?

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  1. is it me or is this way some sellers like to handle business...

    they have a pair of shoes listed which aren't your size however your size is in the sellers shop however not there. i email the seller she says she has them great but rather then listing my size she sends me an invoice. I'm just nervous parting with a large sum of money and not having seen my size. it's these

    my birthday shoes to myself is a dream come true but i just need some assurance 1st. :sweatdrop:
  2. ^^I've purchased from them before, they're fine except the packing job was not the greatest.
  3. Well I have bought from her before.
    She just does not want to pay the eBay fees....just the Paypal ones.
    I do this somethimes too. With an item costing that much the fees are high.
    Get her to send you pictures of your shoes....she will.
  4. Isnt it against ebay policies to sell something on the side without listing it? Like circumvention of fees or something? I dont have any opinion about the particular seller since Ive never bought on ebay, but if it makes you nervous, I would just tell her to list them as a private auction with a BIN price and you will go through the ebay process. That way, everything is on the up and up and you are protected through ebay policies if anything was to go wrong.
  5. As long as you pay with a credit card that covers you in case anything goes wrong (and you're shopping with a legit, reputable reseller, which obviously is the case here), I don't think you need to worry too much. Many sellers have a large off-eBay customer base in addition to on-eBay and if they sell directly through PayPal or Google Checkout, it has nothing to do with eBay.
  6. Yes it is against the 'rules'. But the rule is for ebay's profits. It is a judgement call on your part.
    You are still protected with Paypal...just like if you buy from ebay and paid through them.