Am I being paranoid? Help!

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  1. I bought a Denim Spy over the weekend at Bloomingdales, and I really love it. The first day I got it, I thought the flap looked crooked, and I thought, maybe it's the way it's been sitting. But then, I've been trying to adjust it, and i have no luck making it straight. I asked someone else, and he says it's fine...So I took some pics to show you guys.

    Does it seem to you that the flap is crooked? if it is, do you think it's because of the extra fabric on the flap? Do you have extra leather/fabric on your spy's?

    I'm so disappointed...I really like this bag :crybaby: but I don't know if i can keep a bag that's not perfect.

    p.s. - please excuse the stuff in the bag, I grabbed my pj's to stuff in there so it's not too slouchy for the pics.

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  2. Beautiful bag, it might look a bit crooked because its made of denim, if you are not 100% happy take it back and see if theirs others their that do not look crooked and exchange it. I think it looks fine but then I am not seeing it IRL. You must be 100% happy to keep it otherwise you will be forever looking at it.
  3. It definitely isn't sitting straight--I can see why that would bother you. Maybe you should get bloomies to search you another one. I saw this bag at Bloomingdales just yesterday in Old Orchard

    Old Orchard, IL

    Store Address:
    Old Orchard Shopping Center
    376 Old Orchard Center Skokie, IL 60077

    Phone Number:

    They told me it wasn't on sale, though. But it seems like you should be entitled to get the bag for the same price you paid at your bloomies!
  4. I don't think you're being paranoid; I see the slight tilt you''re talking about. It wouldn't bother me; I don't mind little quirks in my bags. But if it's bugging you, I'm sure Bloomingdales can find a perfect one for you.

    I rec'd the exact same bag from Bluefly today and i LOVE it! It's much softer than I expected and I think it's got a really cool slightly western vibe.
  5. KMSNYC, congrats!!! know if you'll keep this AND the patent or not? :graucho:

    I agree, Saichi2, Haha...I kept pulling the flap the other way and it just won't go straight. It's definitely bugging me. I didn't see it on another PF'er's picture of the denim bag, so I'm hoping it doesn't occur in all of them.

    I called Bloomingdales today, but they don't have anymore in the SF store, so I need to call back with the barcode number on the bag and they can see where they can do an exchange for me. I'll ask them about the one at Old Orchard too. Thanks Litigatrix, for the info!
  6. I can see what you're talking about even without opening your attachment. You should exchange it or if you can't, get a refund.