Am I being overly cautious?

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  1. I just purchased a Rick Owens leather jacket for a great price of 315.55. The seller does not take paypal, but takes personal checks, money orders or payments through I tried paying that way with my credit card, but it was denied with no explanantion due to privacy laws. Which to me means it was something to do with the seller . I e mailed her and she said it sometimes happens with transactions over 300.00 and I can deposit the money in her account as she banks with Bank of America and there is a branch in my area. i deposited a check today, which should clear in a day. But the problem is that I emailed her 3 times today, and she has not responded. Also, I went to her contact info on E bay and the telephone # listed is disconnected. Now I am alittle worried, and am thinking of taking the money from my checking account so the check cannot clear and will bounce. i really hate to do that as there will be insufficient fund fees involved for both me and for her, but I am just uncomfortable with how this transaction is progressing. I really want this jacket, but I do not want to be swindled out of 315.00. Am I being overly cautious? Thanks
  2. Can't you put a stop-payment on the check?

    I don't have a lot of eBay experience but it seems to me that it's a red flag if the seller won't accept paypal.

    Good luck with this!
  3. I don't think you are being overly cautious, $315 is not a small amount of money. To be on the safe side it is worth calling your bank and perhaps they will advise you to cancel the check. Also let the seller know what you did and why you did it.
    Also I'm pretty sure if the contact information is incorrect/number disconnected her feedback for you will not count.
    Good luck and go with your gut!
  4. I agree with the stop payment idea, the fee is usually less than the bounce fee, and while a bounce, as you say, might also cost the seller something, a stop payment will not.

    Credit cards are evil, but one good thing they do offer you is some level of protection, which a check does not.

    And remember no matter what the item is, there will be another one!
  5. Since I deposited it into her account I am afraid it might be too late to stop payment. I will post an update. Thanks!
  6. If the phone number she provided eBay is *disconnected* that's a big red flag for me! And you should report her! That's definitely against ebay rules!

    I don't think you're overly cautious. It's better to be safe than sorry. I accept bank deposits myself, and that's not a concern for. What is a concern is the fake phone number!

    What's her feedback like? If it's good, then you might be ok. But I'm still concerned about the phone number...
  7. Do our countries have the same law? If it's correct, as my knowledge as law faculty student, don't empty your saving account and make check holder can't clear your check, it's abuse the law.You'll get new problem with law.
    Just ring your bank, tell them your check # etc and ask to cancel that check.
  8. :yes: I've been scammed by scam artist from Australia and she gave eBay wrong phone number. She 's in western australia but she provide ebay another area phone number ( maybe eastern or someting like that ). I really can't understand how she fooled eBay as she registered not used her cc info but left eBay phone number only to verify her :confused1: so I mean eBay has her correct phone number!

    Btw if the seller left incorrect phone number, it's showing her bad faith
  9. ^^ Sorry you were scammed by an Aussie! We're definitely not all like that! I think the amount of fraud in Australia is much less than the US :push: but scammers exist everywhere!

    Not sure about the ebay registering process elsewhere, but in Australia there are few ways to confirm that you are legit. To be a seller you can register with a CC or you can register by having ebay send you a letter in the mail with a code that must be used to register the seller account.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY from new sellers! With or without Paypal. Sorry to new sellers! But if you are going to buy from a new seller, get their phone number from ebay and give them a call! Make sure the phone number is valid before you pay!
  10. Stop payment on the check! You have to be comfortable with the deal. IMO weather its $10 or 1000 its to much to give to a scammer:yes:
  11. The sellers feedback is 100%. But she is a new seller with only 12 transactions, about 1/2 of them as the seller and 1/2 the buyer. Her transactions started in Dec. Thanks everyone for your input! I will update you on this!
  12. you are not being overly cautious, you are being responsible and doing your legwork.
    \never second guess your gut, either. play it safe.
  13. Hi! Here is an update on my Rick Owens jacket. I heard from the seller last thursday, and she said she had been busy, but she received my e mails and would let me know when the check cleared. Well, the check cleared Friday(I called my bank) and ihave not heard from her at all! I emailed her 4 times and nothing! I think I need to contact her bank, and maybe the local police dept, and go from there. I will also contact ebay, but they are worthless and I think I really should see a lawyer about a class action lawsuit against e bay. They need to change the way they do business, and protect people better. I am so mad right now!!!
  14. Hello,
    I hope you kept all your emails/correspondence with this person.
    I would immediately file item not received w/ ebay and immediately post a negative. Does she still have items listed for sale?

    You have every right to be angry.

    I was so angry with a seller who scammed me, I put up a website about her frauds! See link below.

    Email me if you want more advice ok.
  15. call your bank put stop payment on the check sounds like a scam