Am I being overly cautious?

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  1. I've been engaged for a month and a half now. I have this weird thing - I still can't bring myself to wash my hands with my ring on! I always take my ring off when I wash my hands and wait until my lotion dries before I place the ring back on. And, because I am a camel (I drink at least 3 liters of water a day), I have to use the ladies room often. I feel like I should say that about two weeks after I got my ring, there was a little problem with it (I've detailed it in another thread on the forum, but basically, my ring is platinum and these yellow spots appeared in the metal setting), which has now been fixed. Since then, I've been even more cautious.

    Am I being crazy or overly cautious (or both, really)? Has anyone else babied their ring in the beginning? I know my ring should be really durable as it is platinum, but I can't seem to wrap my mind around washing my hands with the ring on.
  2. Hi, Suli!

    I have seen pics of your ring and it is GORGEOUS! However, I strongly urge you to NOT take it off when washing your hands. A friend of mine was doing the same thing a couple years back (she had a $13,000 ring) because she didn't want any soap building up a film on it. Long story short, she once forgot to put her ring back on in a mall bathroom. When she went back to look for it, it was GONE!
    I know you are probably thinking "I'm so cautious, that won't ever happen to me." It might not, but it MIGHT! Not to mention, you could acciendentally drop it, heaven forbid, and it ends up down a drain.
    Keep it on all the time unless you are at home.
    Also, do what I do. I only put lotion on at night when I am not wearing my ring so I dont have to deal with lotion building up on the gold or the stone.
  3. ^ I get really scared of forgetting my ring or of having it drop in the drain! =(
  4. I totally understand how you are feeling...but I agree with the others...

    First off - you have to figure that a nice warm, soapy bath is going to make your diamond sparklie and happy.

    Second - you could drop it down the drain, forget it, have it stolen...Ugh! Just not worth it. Some soap and water definitely will NOT hurt your baby!

    Hey - what was the cause of the problems with the platinum? I remember reading about it, but had no idea what could cause it. Just wondering.
  5. Thanks for saying that I'm not outright "crazy" everyone.

    My FI and I met with the jeweler who made my ring a few weeks ago. Since she was pregnant at the time she made my ring, she outsourced the setting of the stones (normally, she would take care of it). While she has separate tools for different metals that she uses, she believes that he may have used a tool that had remanants of yellow gold - and that's how those yellow spots got embedded in the metal. I'm not sure what she did, but she got it all off. We figure that if it happens again, we would definitely insist on the ring being remade since it seems like the platinum was contaminated. For now, everything is fine.
  6. LOL Suli You are not being crazy :smile:

    However, I would be nervous taking my ring off every time I washed my hands b/c (as someone posted earlier) it could go down the drain! OMG I would FREAK out!!
  7. SuLi I did the same thing when we were first engaged by taking my ring off every time I washed my hands. I was told repeatedly to stop doing it so I wouldn't lose it. I thought yeah, I wouldn't forget....well it did happen I left it in the bathroom at the doctors office and remembered right after the next person went in there, thankfully it was still there after she came out though.

    Then my hubby (about 3 weeks after we were married) took his ring off to wash his hands in a very nice resturant in our town and forgot it. Unfortunately, it was gone by the time he remembered it. :crybaby:

    I think its totally normal to baby your enagement ring though, but I almost always leave my rings on now when washing my hands..just took me a while to feel that it was ok though!
  8. Augh, what horror! Now I'm afraid also, but I'm not even engaged!

    I think the urge to baby your ring will dissipate as time progresses.
  9. I don't take my ring off either. Way too afraid of leaving it behind. =O
  10. Don't take it off unless you are going swimming in a chlorinated pool or are going to be doing heavy cleaning with chemicals. Soap and water will not hurt your ring.
    I never take mine off, and now I don't even know I have it on. You will get used to it, I promise.
    I have been married for 22 years!
  11. Please please please leave your ring on when you wash your hands. One of my friends, who is super responsible always took her ring off to wash her hands and she came to my house once and left it on the sink! I found it hours after she had left and she was frantic with worry! Can you imagine if it had been left at a restaurant bathroom or something???? Soap and water will not hurt your ring at all.
  12. For safety, KEEP IT ON! You can always clean (or have it cleaned) the soap residue!

    Imagine the horror if you lost it?

    My ring is from 1780, yes 1780 & I wash it all the time.
  13. you're definitely not psycho for wanting to take it off every time you wash your hands/use lotion, etc. however, a friend of mine did this, and just a couple weeks ago LOST IT :crybaby: and she'd only had it for 3 make matters worse, her future MIL had seen her take it off the day before and told her not to do it or "she may lose it" eek! thankfully, it was fully insured and now she's waiting on the replacement. someone in a pa wal-mart parking lot hit the jackpot.
  14. Try baby steps at home. Like having your ring on and letting water run on it and then go from there.

    I don't take my ring off. It cost too much money and is one of a kind..I would be very sad if I forgot it.
  15. I know how you feel, I'm the same with mine! With mine being an older ring (and recently with a loose diamond) I'm scared the washing it under the water will cause a stone to drop out down the drain. At home I take the ring off when I wash my hands, but when I'm out and about I keep it on for fear of loosing it (I've done that before too, but luckily got it back before it was taken).