am i being mean to my dog?!

  1. i had a conversation tonight with a friend and we ended up talking about our pets. and i was talking about my ruby (in my avatar) and how she keeps getting out when i open the front door. i just figured she hated being cooped up inside and, after all, she's part beagle- so she likes to run around.

    and my friend said it was MEAN of me to keep her inside all the time, considering her breed and all. we can't have fences in our neighborhood and even those electrical ones seem a little odd to me. i take ruby out a few times a day for a walk around the neighborhood, and then she stays inside or just on our closed-in deck. i can't really take her out to play in the yard because the second she sees something she wants to chase, she's gone. (and she's a fast little's hard as heck to catch her).

    so am i being unfair to ruby, by keeping her as more of a house dog? does she deserve a better home, where she can run around more?! :s

    i mean, i love her to death and she's spoiled rotten...but i want what's best for her, you know? she's 6 years old and i want her years to be good.
  2. I think it's wonderful that you love your dog!

    Do you take her for a longer walk on one of those outings? Dogs love to walk around their neighborhood, and it can be good exercise if it's at a quick pace, and if it lasts for awhile. I don't know what the exact recommendations are, but I think a good walk every (or almost every) day would be really good for Ruby.

    You have to look at the big picture--would she be happier on a farm but without YOU, the human she adores? I think she would likely want to compromise and have you walk her regularly. Perhaps you could ask your vet how much exercise Ruby needs.
  3. ^ita! :smile:
  4. i take her on long walks everyday (probably 4 long walks) and i take her running with me sometimes...and i actually had to carry her home last week- she was so tired!

    i just don't know...i feel SO awful if i've somehow not given her a good chance, you know?
  5. I have 2 dogs and a couple of acres.I have the invisible fence system.My dogs can run and play till they drop!They love their freedom(and have never once been shocked by collar either!)..worth every penny.I think they have become really great dogs because they have their own play time on their own.You should look into one.They are great.
    My 1 yr old Ripley chases EVERYTHING from rabbits....LOL..And this system works perfect once you teach them the property boundaries!
    Good luck.You're NOT mean.You love your dog.thats all that counts!
  6. I dont think its mean, you are a responsible pet owner by taking her out on walks...4 of them a day at that!! thats ALOT of walks! Most dogs only get 1 or 2. I believe she is getting plenty of excercise and its obvious you love your dog!
  7. It sounds like you really love your dog and want whats best. Dogs do need to be able to run around free, you might have had to carry her the other day because she does not have that sort of exercise all the time so not use to it. I would consider putting up some sort of fence. Dogs need freedom to run around and play not to be taken out just on a lead. Is their any parks near you she could run in. All dogs chase things but need to be taught to come back.
  8. It sounds like you are a great mom.

    One word of warning - A neighbor that lives many streets over, has had to come to my condo to retreive her beagle. When I see him I capture him and call her. The first time I met him - he was just hanging out on my back patio. thank goodness he wears a tag.

    She told me, he escapes every chance he gets. I see her walking him often. I think it is just his nature.
  9. she definitely gets enough excercise!
    i think that Ruby wants to get out of the front door just because she is curious!
    you have definitely given her a good chance, and im not sure if you have considered this already, but dogs are incredibly similar to humans, emotionally. if your dog is sad that she can't go outside, you will see it in the way she carries herself, the way she eats, and her overall mood. if she is depressed, she may need more physical attention!
  10. You're not mean AT ALL! I think your friend is mean though.

    Yes, it's great if you have a garden or land where your dog can run around. If you don't - it's no big deal, provided your dog gets enough exercise and does get the chance to go out on walks. I know tons of dogs who live outside and NEVER get a walk. I think it's better to keep your doggie as your companion in the house and give her regular walks.

    I have a garden which my dog can access as she likes and guess what? 99% of the time she wants to be where I am - and in the winter that means INSIDE. In the summer, when I am in the garden, she is in the garden too and when I go in, she goes in too. She loves sunning herself in the garden - but your doggie can do that on the deck too. It's not like she's running around all the time.

    You also have to take into consideration that if you were to 'find a better home' for your dog, your doggie would be heartbroken. The separation from you and her home would be very hard.

    Don't let someone like your 'friend' get you down. You love your doggie and you're keeping her well, that's all that counts!
  11. It sounds like she's getting her exercise so I don't think she's really lacking anything. My dog is a Maltese and she'd run outside if she had the chance. She's just curious. She definitely has enough room to run inside since she's only 7 pounds. I don't think you are mean at all.
  12. It totally depends on if she seems happy or not, but as far as I can understand from what I've read, you are a great dog mommy! :smile:
    I know about dogs that are very active breeds that have to be indoors a lot because of where the owners live etc, but it doesn't look like they mind it at all as long as they get to be with their owners and go for a walk a couple of times a day etc.
  13. Is your friend trying to say that she should be an outdoor dog? I don't understand her point.
    Kallison, don't worry about it, its obvious you love your dog, and you take her for walks daily, which is more than alot of people do.
  14. yeah, i think that was her point. she's part beagle (so she loves to run and chase squirrels and bark at the grass...), so she deserves to be able to do all that. and i can see why...but still...ruby isn't sad. if she was, she wouldn't still sleep with me every night and spend most of her time right by my side.

    i guess i was just hurt at the idea that i hadn't been giving her a good life, you know? i saved her from being euthanized, so i think ANYTHING i give her is better than that, right? i know it's not ideal to keep her inside so much, but i don't have many options right now. i love her more than i've loved anything (or anyone) before and i just want what is best for her.
  15. Kallison, it is SO obvious how much you love your dog!!! Love like that is so rare, and so precious! I'm sure Ruby knows how much you love her as well!

    If you really want to add to Ruby's exercise and fun, what about a playmate? Do you know anyone in your area who has a dog she could play with? If she enjoys the company of other dogs, this could be great fun for her! It would be best if this activity was in an enclosed area, though--pups can get excited and carried away!

    When we take our dogs out, we pass SO many yards with sad dogs in them--they watch us go by, and we never see these dogs being walked. These yards have fences, so the dogs get to spend time outside, but it is SO evident that what they really want is a WALK! They would be very jealous of Ruby!

    I agree with the people who said your friend is being mean--I think sometimes people can have good intentions, but not really give the best advice!

    IF ONLY more pup parents were as concerned about their dogs as you are!!!