Am I being difficult?

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  1. Sorry this is a bit long!
    Ok, so I was watching a bag on eBay. It didn't sell, so I sent the seller a message asking if she would sell it slightly below the asking price. Up to her if she wanted to relist through eBay or go directly through paypal. Yes, I know it isn't the best to go outside eBay. Anyway, so she counter-offers and with shipping of $15. I agree. She wants to invoice me through paypal.

    Then she says that it will be $6 or so more for her fees for sending me an invoice and shipping via paypal. Not true and I know that; tell her so but agree anyway. So today, I get a shipping notification and it shows Parcel post. Are you kidding me?! Email her asking if she can ship Priority. She states that it is more and will be another $6. In the original auction she listed Priority! I email her back to let her know that and that I have already covered her fees which I wouldn't have through ebay. I feel like I am being nickle and dimed and almost feel like saying "forget it!" I mean, I still got an ok deal but is it worth the hassle? Oh, and I paid with my credit card so I am not too worried is something happens, and she has good feedback.

    So, am I being difficult or is this as ridiculous as it seems to me :confused1: TIA!

    ETA: She just agreed to ship Priority.
  2. I think shes being really unreasonable. She is probably trying to make every single penny from you.
  3. You did absolutely the right thing. Shiping Parcel is so cheap, and it can take weeks to deliver. How come this seller is so cheap? If you bought this bag outside of eBay, she saved from final fee already. She should not make money from shipping. This it not ethical at all. I am glad she agreed to ship via Priority. I wonder how she is going to get her parcel mailing fee back if she already printed the shipping label from PayPal?
  4. Thanks! I'm glad you don't think I am being unreasonable. It's like, yes, I would like the bag before Christmas! I have no idea what her deal is. It's either you like my offer or you don't, but to keep trying to add on?! Ughh. Thanks for the advice/support :smile:
  5. I'm sorry honey, you became her toy when you made an offer outside of eBay. Should the bag show up damaged or not at all, you have no recourse. NEVER EVER make an offer outside of eBay.

    And yes, I think you were wrong. Had you just bid, you'd have spent the same amount, had eBay coverage and it would have been shipped your way.

    Next time, don't make demands outside of the auction's words, otherwise you'll lose everything and have no recourse. As it is, you have none if something happens and the seller knows it.
  6. She certainly has recourse if she paid with her cc. If it is not as described, she can still do a chargeback on her cc.

    Whether or not it was "right" to do a deal outside of ebay, that has nothing to do with the seller's behavior IMO.
  7. The buyer creates her own headaches when she goes outside of the terms of a seller. Sure, she can do a charge-back, get her money back, but will she return the item? I know of people who DO end up keeping it AND doing the chargeback because she's ticked about something. I've had it happen to me to the tune of 1200.00. She ASSUMED the seller would send it Priority because that's how it was listed in the auction. But she didn't buy it through the terms of the auction... she offered the person less for it. You can't blame the seller for trying to re-coup her fees... she won't get them back from eBay. Let it be a lesson, don't make an offer outside of eBay.
  8. Oh, I feel for you! Parcel post is unreasonable...I hope it all works out!
  9. /\ /\ Thanks! I think it will.

    Regarding going outside of ebay, while I know it is not recommended, I don't think that a transaction can't be successful. IMO, the seller is at more of a disadvantage. Yes, I do have recourse. She would be relying on me to return the item is something were wrong. I would never do that though. Also, this isn't a new seller; she has 700+ feedback and I myself have over 350, so I think there is a certain level of (maybe naive) trust.