Am i being cheap?

  1. I been wanting a bbag ever since i join this forum, a black city to be safe. There was one last week from a tpf member at a great price and i was soo undecided so it gone:crybaby:.Finally i have decide that i have to get one but doesn't want to spend any more money to my future bbag instead i gather all the purses that i have recently bought and list them for sales so far i sold 2 and 3 more are ending tomorrow am i cheap or what:yes: My regret is that i should have use my money to purchased a bbag before went for a chloe pad.
  2. That's just good smarts!
  3. u're not being cheap... u're just being efficient :yes:
    you go girl!!!
  4. That's just good financial planning on your part. Good for you.
  5. No, not cheap :yes: I do the same thing when my money printer is out of ink ;)

  6. ^^ ditto, i sell bags to get bags too!!!

    p.s. don't worry, you'll get your black city :heart:
  7. I do the same, so don't think that you're being cheap. What you're doing is very sensible...
  8. :yes: I agree with everyone... you're being efficient! I am struggling with the same thing, figuring which bags I want to sell and which ones to replace them with!!

    I am totally regretting buying a number of MJ bags within the past few weeks before I set up camp in the Bbag area... cuz, now I am struggling with the larger investment, because of the total amount of $$$ spent already!!! :crybaby:

    What's a girl to do??? I am hoping I can make a quick decision of which bags to part with, because I know the bags I am looking at won't be around forever! :s
  9. Not at all... "out with the old (that you can spare getting rid of) and in with the new" is a great philosophy...

    I've done it before... rather than rack up a massive Credit Card bill, I sold some stuff I didnt need to fund the new purchase...

    Smart way to go, as long as you have no regrets!
  10. i'm trying to sell all sorts of unused items so i can get ready for my move and have extra money to buy bbags!
  11. That's the smart way to do. Go through your closet and start selling them on eBay. You'll be surprise how fast the money you'll rack up and maybe you can buy 2 B-bags w/o putting a dent on your c/c bills.
  12. I think it's clever-not cheap!:yes:
  13. I agree it's the emart thing to do everyone gets fed up with bags, the only bags I have never sold are my LVs, Chloe etc I have
  14. I really wish I was that sensible :lecture:

  15. I USED to be ..... until I joined this forum :nuts: