Am I being CHEAP???

  1. I've never thought of myself like that but I can't make up my mind if I want to spend $798 for a COACH bag.:shrugs:

    I love :love:coach don't get me wrong I'm addicted but $798!!!!!:wtf:

    I keep thinking I can buy a LV speedy or neverfull or safe up for another Chanel or maybe a Balenciaga Day which is only about $150 more. :s

    I know Coach has good quality but I think it's getting crazy how much their bags have become.

    Am I the only one who thinks this way??:confused1:
  2. I personally would not spend more than 300, LOL

    I am a college student part-time and working i've got a budget, but I just control myself most of them time.

    But yah $800 is just too much for me personally, i'd rather put that towards a new car..

    It's like my friends don't get how I can spend even 100-200 on a purse lol, so that's how i view the purses up in the 500-800 range!
  3. I understand completely as I recently ordered a teal patent leather Francine. The store manager at my local Coach store was kind enough to extend the Preferred Customer discount (25%) to my order but I'm still a bit surprised that I was willing to spend $600 for a Coach bag. The bag and color are going to have to really impress me in order to justify the purchase. However, it just kills me to know that for a few hundred dollars more, I could have added another LV bag to my collection.
  4. I feel the same way. For me, I think it is because only a few years ago, still fairly recently, one could walk into a Coach store and buy anything for $398 and now that their items have increased to the pont of being almost a 1k, I am not gotten used to its higher prices.
  5. I have never paid full price for any of my bags , and I own two mirandas, medium lily satchel and a mandy........THANK GOD FOR PCE!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I feel the same way!

    Coach I only spend $400 or less.

    If I am gonna spend more than that, it will be saved for my occasional LV or Fendi splurge.
  7. Not at all, I feel the same way.
    REFUSED To spend anymore then 300$.

    I've yet to see a choach last more then 20 years and look good (maybe a leather one but who knows.)
  8. Plus, I think part of the reason I like Coach is for some of the reasonable prices, based on my budget. I buy it with more frequency than other brands b/c of these prices.

    If they price themselves out, I will proably still buy, but not the way I do now.

    Right now to me (this varies probably for many people based on income and other responsibilites), Coach is something I can buy a lot of a year bags, shoes etc and really fits my shopping budget. But if I want a LV or a Fendi, I save for it or get it for a really special occassion.

    I hope Coach still keeps some reasonable prices, I like going often! LOL.

    Lucky for me, I am not attracted to too many of the new expensive Coach bags and I am still finding things in my price range like the Carly and Heritage stuff. I just hope one day they don't completely raise the price of it all.
  9. I would rather buy a $700 LEATHER Coach than a $700 coated canvas LV. However, if I did save up that much for a bag, I would probably go for a Balenciaga, but you buy what you love.
  10. I don't think you're being cheap at all. $800 is A LOT to spend on a bag for us non-celebrities (unless you're a celebrity and I don't know lol). As much as I LOVE that purple patent Francine, that's a trendy piece and one you have to really really want. I'd reserve that kind of money for something leather and classic you'll know you want to use in 10 years (like the Hamptons vintage carryall, to give an example). I have to say I still use some of my older classic Coaches, because they're timeless.
  11. I agree with you!

    If I'm going to be spending that much I'd rather buy an LV.
  12. If you feel that is too much to spend on something then it is...for you!

    ITA, tho. There's several nice bags Coach has that I like but I've decided to forego them so I can save up for a more expensive bag. Not because I don't want/like the Coach products...I just like/want the other bag more.

    So I know how you feel...and you aren't being CHEAP you are being WISE with your money and getting the best value for your pennies. :yes:
  13. I guess I see it as, if I love it at $798, then I'll spend it. I had 3 Balenciagas and almost the entire LV cerises collection. I guess if you can justify its worth, then it's okay to spend the money.
  14. $800 is a LOT of money! I can barely justify spending $200 most of the time! I'm a grad student so for me, that is not even something I can think about spending on a bag! So, NO, you are not being cheap!

    And I also agree with others that for that price, I would probably save and spend a few extra hundred to get a Chanel!
  15. Unless my financial situation changes *drastically* then I will never spend more than $500 on a bag. And more than likely no more than $400. And for that, it would have to be all-leather and not a coated canvas or fabric. The one exception is if I am able to, I would like to get a Rebecca Minkoff bag. There are a couple I have my eye on but only if we have a lot more breathing room monetarily. I have two kids I will be helping to put through college several years from now. And they are the most important focus in my life.