Am I being bagboozled by one of are own???

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  1. So I don't know if I am getting taken for a ride or what. I emailed a seller on ebay who happens to be member here and made an offer on a bag. She took my offer and sent me invoice like 24 hours before the auction was scheduled to end. I sent her my payment but she never closed the auction. Now someone else won the bag and I still haven't recieved my money back. I filed right away with paypal but she called me in panic about me panicing and promised to send the bag and said she would cancel transaction with the other buyer. I closed the case with paypal bc I really wanted the bag. It has been over a week now. She says the other buyer wants the bag so I told her several times to send me my money back and she said that she would but has yet to do it. What should I do. I am freakin out!!! She seems super nice and helpful but why hasn't she sent me my money?
  2. Not knowing who the seller is, I cannot guess either.
    However, if you have no bag and no refund, if you paid via PP w/ a credit card, file a chargeback.
  3. i think you made a mistake by closing the claim, because once you close a claim, you can't reopen it. next time, don't close the claim until you get the item.

    at this point, call your credit card for a chargeback.
  4. Remember if you paid by credit card the refund goes back on the credit card. Check your paypal account just to be sure she did not refund you.
  5. File a chargeback through your CC. It sounds like you did this transaction outside of eBay (not an actual BIN, just through communicating with the seller), and I don't think you'll be protected by eBay's policies (esp. if you closed the claim).
  6. Am I correct in assuming that you did basically an outside transaction. She just invoiced you for the bag through Paypal and you paid. It wasn't technically an eBay transaction, although she had the bag up for auction, you did not win the specific auction? If so, I think you're only recourse will be a chargeback through your CC. Good luck!
  7. I think you need to contact your cc company and hope they will reverse this.

    This seller did not do right by you and really behaved in a very underhanded manner.
  8. She invoiced me and I paid outside of ebay. Part was $$$ in my account and part was on my cc. Crap. I am going to throw up.:nuts:
  9. the money in your account is basically gone, unless she refunds you. the amount on credit card you can do a chargeback for.

    what is her ebay id?
  10. You can see what information is in Paypal and try to cross reference it on the phone look-up sites and give her a call.
  11. who is this pfer?

    so many scams going on with a supposedly pfer member involved--- it's scary!
  12. Paypal reopened the case, Thank You Paypal Guy!!! I will see if she refunds the money easily before exposing the name. She is big time on here but this is scetchy! She has all positives on ebay so I felt safe. Thanks for your help everyone, I was being so laid back because I really wanted the bag but everyone I tlaked to was like OMG your being scammed and you guys confirmed that I should reopen the case. If anyone has a problem just call paypal directly and they will reopen. I will keep you posted. Now I am so scared to try again.
  13. Wow, what is going on these days?
  14. Whew, good for you! I am so happy they allowed you to reopen your claim! Can you pm me her ebay ID? I don't want to ever buy from her. Thanks
  15. Wow good that they reopened the claim. I hope it works out for you.. keep us posted.