Am I being an unreasonable buyer? I won a bag on April 13th

  1. I won the bag on April 13th in the morning. Today is April 24th. I paid for it immediately (a marc by mj bag) upon the auction's closing. And I paid for USPS priority shipping, adding extra for the optional insurance. As of today (my mail just came) I still do not have the bag.

    I emailed the seller asking her when she sent it and she replied with this:
    It was shipped by Priority Mail. I apologize for the delay in shipping. My 7 yer was hospitalized all last week with complications from neck surgery. I hope you understand. The hospitalization was completely unexpected. Your bag is on its way. I hope you love it. It is beautiful. I wish I loved to carry it as much as I loved to look at it!!!! Thanks-

    Notice that the date of shipment is still missing from the response. Should I be nervous? I am worried about a potential scam. I emailed back with a very kind reply, saying that her family is in my prayers and that I understand.

    But today when it didn't come I sent another email asking for the exact ship date and reminding her that I paid for priority shipping with insurance, intending to get the bag in time for an event that has come and gone. I sent my initial email three days ago which was when she said she had already sent the bag. With priority shipping, that would mean it should be here... she's only two states away so if she indeed sent it already, it should have arrived.

    Am I a jerk for being annoyed by this delay?
  2. Hi there, maybe you can ask her about a trackingnumber that's fair....
  3. I would file a claim with paypal and get the ball rolling, you have a certain time frame keep the communications open and see what happens she will have to provide proof that she indeed shipped it out.
  4. I just asked for the exact ship date so that I know when to expect it. If I don't get a direct answer I will probably begin the paypal dispute process.
  5. She NEEDS to tell you when it was shipped, and tracking info if possible, just to be a good seller! If she can't then it is definitely shady. Also, when it does arrive, if you paid for PRIORITY shipping, then I would request a refund for some of that shipping charge since it was so slow and you paid higher for a faster service. I really just hate slow shippers, especially when they charge a lot. It's not your fault anyone was in the hospital, and while you can have sympathy, it should not cost you extra money.
  6. Hmmm, it's starting to sound like a monaco-babeish scam, to me... :s

    Everyone has the occasional disaster in their life and we should all try to be patient; but this bag is now very late, even if it had only just been shipped at the time you contacted her.

    I'd file with Paypal, now, personally and if it doesn't arrive in the next week, I'd probably neg her, as well. :yes:

    You can always remove it later, if it turns out to be, genuinely, lost in the mail, or something.
  7. In addition to what others have suggested (perhaps file a claim with PP, ask for the trackng #), I would probably also ask for my shipping to be refunded. I mean, assuming her story is true, that is really sad for her, but as a seller, I would definitely refund the shipping to the buyer in a case like this.
  8. ^ Yes, or at least the difference between priority shipping and regular shipping costs. :yes:
  9. I would give it until tomorrow and see if it shows up in your mail. If she mailed it Fri or Sat, it potentially could arrive tomorrow. (Priority is 3-5, while its usually less... it can sometimes take the full time.)

    Also, I would be persistent about getting a tracking number from her. If she doesn't want to comply with that, then DEFINATELY start a dispute through PP. As a seller, I always give out the tracking number with the noticfication that the item has been sent.
  10. Sounds funny to me, I would start the dispute process now. Sad to say but you just can't trust most people these days and had she shipped when she said she did she would have automatically given you the shipping number IMO.
  11. been through a similar issue - go the paypal route now is my recommendation. the seller told me my bag was shipped and to be patient, meaning closing the claim, but I left it open and no response from the seller. but they shipped 5 weeks after they had said they would.... so far only twice did health issues prevent shipping of sellers to me but each time was valid. even so, since your seller supposedly already has shipped but can't tell you tracking number etc, go to paypal bef they can withdraw all their funds
  12. I want to offer a word of encouragement and say that all may not be lost. I know that sometimes my life gets extremely hectic and it can take me a while to mail some things people have won from me on eBay. Most people that sell on eBay don't do it full time and have a lot of other things to deal with. Sometimes, for me, I know that at the end of the day, it can be hard to get to the post office before it closes, and depending on how much I have going on, that can keep happening!

  13. Ah, I see. :yes:

    Over here it's less, but then, this is an itty bitty country, after all! :lol:

    In which case, I'd personally give it 2 days beyond the maximum from the date you contacted her and she said she'd shipped it; so, one week.

    Then, definitely, file a dispute and after another week, if there is no response, neg. her. :yes:
  14. but only two states away? it should only take 3 days.

    i'd ask the seller for the tracking number and if she doesn't give it to you, then file a paypal dispute.

    and definitely ask for the shipping difference as a refund!
  15. Thanks for the advice everyone!

    She didn't respond to my email today. Hopefully she will tomorrow and/or hopefully the bag will be here tomorrow.

    If I don't have it by Saturday I will open a dispute with Paypal, I guess. I've had such good luck with eBay so far so I guess I was due to run into an issue. Of course, I only recently started buying designer bags there and this is the second one.

    If something truly is wrong with her child, I feel too guilty to ask for a shipping refund/discount but if she offers it, I will gladly accept.