Am I being a ridiculous tightwad?

  1. So there is this RM bag I am drooling over at LB and at the present time, I can only get it at 20% off, so it comes out to $440. I know LB comes out with 25% codes once in while and if I were to be able to wait and use one of those, I could purchase the bag for $412.50. So basically I would save $27.50.

    I know thats not a lot of money at all but I should be on such a bag-ban right now, and GRRR, I dunno!

    Would you just go for it? Or no?

    Also, if I don't buy the bag through my special little link, it will sell out very soon.

    Advice, ladies! PLEASE!

  2. if you really-really want it you should go for it specially if it's not retail.
  3. Oh gosh, let me just throw this out there; its one of those Ruby Red MAMs...what do you think?
  4. hello! you need to get it...quickly!!
  5. my goodness Gung~ you are trying to get the whole rainbow of MA's~!!
  6. [Hi! So to answer some of your questions, its a cherry red basketweave patent! I paired with it a see thru mesh (heavy nylon) its super cute and comes with a removable liner so you can take it to the beach or put your dog in it! I can't wait for it to come out!] Rebecca Minkoff

    I'm confused here. Is the whole bag patent leather or just the basket weave? Is this the most dazzling beach bag?
  7. Not a tightwad-- I get like this too, it becomes an obsession to get the best price. But if you wait it might all be gone. The cherry red sounds like it's going to be a popular bag.
  8. not at all, I am doing the same thing -- code comparison shopping! But that is a gorgeous bag.

    However, even though there is a bit of a craze to get these bags on the board right now, I don't really see them selling out immediately. I think they may sell out at a particular online boutique but once these things hit Neiman Marcus or Bloomies, if you get in fast enough you can get one in every color of the rainbow :smile:
  9. No not a tightwad at all -- I agree with Jenny Cadine above, it does sound like it will sell out in seconds once it's out!
  10. Oh "F" it.......for $27.50??????!!!!!!!! many martinis have you had this evening????!!!!!

    GO FOR IT!!!!!!
  11. Contessa's right. Let's face it, if any of us were frugal we wouldn't be here!:upsidedown:
  12. Could you post a link? I don't see the one you're talking about. You mean at Luna Boston right?

    Anyway, I understand how you feel. I'd probably just get it!!! But you know that's how I get myself in trouble sometimes. grrrrr
  13. i would hold off if there is a money issue..
  14. That's probably because our beloved "tightwad" bought it!!! :lol:
  15. DEFINATELY DO IT!!! Just justify it to yourself by packing lunch for a week instead of eating out, or skipping 7 trips to Starbucks, or going without a mani/pedi this month!! It's amazing how quickly you can save up $28 bucks when you think about it....