Am I being a difficult buyer?

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  1. I buy and sell a little on ebay and typically if things are slightly off I can get over it. Recently I purchased a pair of Jimmy Choos that were advertised with the box. The box was in the pictures and was included in the listing. I paid $15 for shipping from someone that even lived near me in my state.

    The shoes showed up today and they were not in the box, they were in a post office box and the shipping sticker showed they only cost $5 to ship. I don't care about the shipping cost but I really wanted the Jimmy Choo box because that is how I keep all my shoes. That is how my closet (it's a wonderful closet!) is organized.

    So... do I ask for a partial refund? Ask for the box? What is a fair refund amount?
  2. Was it disclosed in the auction that the shoe box was included?
  3. No, not unreasonable.
    I'd firmly suggest that box be sent immediately or if you are okay w/ not having it ask for shipping be refunded.
  4. she says it was included in the listing PLUS in the pics.
  5. No, you are not difficult at all! If the box was included in the listing, I would ask for it.
  6. If the box was included in the auction, then you should get the box. I wouldn't ask for a refund for the box. I would just ask for the box.
  7. No, I don't think you are being difficult at all. If she listed that the choos came with the box, then it should of come with it. I would firmly ask for the shoe box, if not, a partial refund would be fair to you.

  8. Whoops.. sorry failed to read and remember the 1st part of your post.. lol. Yes.. Def.. get the box & you're not being a difficult buyer.
  9. I would absolutely want everything that was listed in the auction to come to me including a box.
  10. I do not think you are being difficult at all...I think if the box was pictured and included in the listing, you should have received it. I would be asking for it immediately!
  11. I just sold 2 pairs of shoes on the bay. I took pics of the shoes in front of the boxes. I quoted too low of a shipping price, but really felt I owed the buyers the boxes. I was out like 4. for each pair shipped but felt better knowing they got what was in the picture. It was not classy for her to not ship the shoes in the box.Especially JCs. I don't think you are being unreasonable at all.Ask for the box.Good luck!
  12. Ask her to ship the box, there is obviously $10 of your shipping fees available to do that.
  13. I received a pair once that wasn't in the original box. I contacted the seller and she sent it to me at her own expense.

    It was a really amicable resolution for my case. Hope it's the same for yours.
  14. I agree with the other ladies. Your not being unreasonable at all. It was part of the original deal and you should get what you paid for. IMO
  15. Thats the only way I keep my shoes organized currently! (I don't have a glamorous shoe display)

    Maybe it was a way for her to keep costs down and he/she thought the box wasn't a big deal - hopefully they'll send your box. I know I'd want mine! Its how I keep everything together.