Am I being a bit silly here?

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    Wow that's really worrying. I'm about to send my beloved Mitzy in for a repair, I hope it'll be OK. It does beg the question though, why it needs fixing after less than 2 years of use. Designpurchaser's husband may be on to something and I've vowed never to buy anything at full price again!
  2. I can see the streaks you are talking about. I think some of the leathers are best to see in person and if possible see a few examples to compare and pick the one for you. You not being a whiner as there has been lots of talk recently of similar issues. Good luck revolving your issue and finding a perfect replacement if that's what you decide.
  3. Hi I've just bought the larger heritage bayswater satchel in fudge, I had it second hand and as the original receipt was enclosed with it I know it was only purchased in feb, by the look of your bag and the comparison to mine I definitely think its a display model as mine doesnt have stains like that, as for the wrinkling in the leather I have noticed its very buttery and prone to creasing but this just adds to the character IMO, I would definitely sort this with mulberry, I agree with others though, I'm going to try and stick to preloved mulberrys as I can't afford newbies! I want lots of bags so preloved is definitely the healthier option for my bank balance, 850 is a lot to pay for an imperfect bag x
  4. Hi there, I have this bag and IMO the creasing is part of the characteristic of this particular bag. The leather is like butter almost shammy leather.
    When I bought mine, there was two in stock and I specifically choose the one I got because of the creasing. I think it added to the 'distressed' look of the bag. The shade is darker in places which again adds to the distressed look.

    However as for marks or stains - no way!! it is not a cheap bag and I agree you have probably been sent the display model.
    I would return it as I personally would not be able to equate spending £850 for an imperfect bag. There are sooo many Mulberry bags you will love to replace it and you will get a perfect bag!
  5. Totally agree! The heritage is tdf! But 850 is a lot to pay for a bag that isnt perfect x
  6. Well usally the repair team has always done wonders on my other bags before so hopefully your beloved Mitzy will be fab again. :smile:

    Thank you . :smile:

    Pre-loved is so much nicer for the bank-balance like you say, and when they are so cheap compared to the new ones, its also a bit dangerous as I often tend to think "they are so cheap so I can have 2 or so...:smile:

    Thank you Freckleface, I do agree that the creasing can be beautiful on some bags, perhaps if it was only the creasing nd/or the streaks I would have loved the bag a lot more as I really dont mind those, like someone in this thread said it make me feel like I wont need to baby it so much as it already a bit worn looking. And I do love a bit of patina on bags. But I agree with you about the stains. It was more that feeling that somebody had been there (probably with handcream or grease) and touched my beautiful bag that somehow make the bag feel a bit used and not so fresh. Quite strange as I usally dont mind at all buying pre-loved bags, but then I never payed 850 pund for them either. Sad thing is as I do really want a SBS heritage and now the prospect of returning this one and prob not getting another one either is why I'm so reluctant to return this one even with the stains and all..:crybaby:
  7. Hi Baginuse- just caught the end of your thread and can fully understand why you are upset - you are not a whinger (far from it!) - and it is worrying that so many ladies here have had quality control problems with Mulberries of late. In my book one is totally entitled to feel this way when parting with substantial amounts of hard-earned - at the end of the day, one expects a pristine bag - and all the more so with high-end merchandise - but whatever you ultimately decide, I do hope you are happy with the outcome, and do keep us posted...:smile:.
  8. Thanks Roxaholic. I emailed Rebecca at costumer service yesterday and asked her advise, I will se what she says when she get back to me. The story with my bags with defects still goes on, actually it is getting even worse. When I took out my Double Pocket Drawstring that I bought at the sale in June and has used like max 10 times, I decided to use her now that my fav bags are in for quality control.
    I almost started to cry when I noticed that the strap was damaged on this bag.. It is the soft spongy leather and seems there is be small parts of leather glued on top of eachother and obviosly they are not glued well enough as it is loose in several places. So I sent this one also in today...I guess it will take the repair department like 2 min to glue this one, but that is not the problem. It also cost me a small fortune to send the bags in in with insured signed-for mail as I'm not in the Uk, and its so utterly annoing that it doesn't end.
    I think this is getting quite ridicolous, 4 bags now that I own that has defects and all was less than a year old. Heck the PML and DPD was only a few months old and almost never used. Thanks Roxy for saying I'm not a whiner, it felt good as I feeling quite low right now.
    I will let you know if there is any reply from M.:sad:
  9. Hi Baginuse - I'm so sorry you have had so many problems:sad: - chin up, hun, and let's hope you will have a positive outcome for all the quality control issues you have had lately - a problem with one bag would be bad enough, but FOUR - it really beggars belief!!

    However, I'm afraid, it DOES confirm my suspicions (and those of a number of ladies on here who have had similar problems - including you - the latest!) that Mulberry Quality control in some of the newer bags leaves much to be desired, and, really is NOT acceptable.

    As we have reiterated time and time again - these are not cheap, throwaway bags, but luxe designer brands and brand new should mean just that - they should be impeccable and perfect!!....:tdown::nogood:

    Also, having to send all of them insured to Mulberry for the privilege of their "Expert" opinion before any measures are taken to rectify, is financially painful - bad enough if within the UK, but crippling I should imagine if abroad - just out of interest, where do you live?......I really think at the very least Mulberry should reimburse you for these outward shipping costs! But we are all rooting for you, completely understand your frustration and do hope it all gets sorted soon - please keep us posted and try not to be sad - but I know easier said than done in your position at the moment...:smile:
  10. Thanks for your support Roxy, very nice of you to say so. Well I did feel a bit sad after I saw the strap on the DPD. But we all know that there is no better cure than buying another bag to cure all sadness? ;D I do already feel a lot better now when I have a exciting package to open. :smile: Pre-loved, but still...:smile:
    I agree with you completely about the quality issuses and the "privilege" to send them in for inspection. And also the time that it takes for them to check the bags and let me know a verdict, that was also a lot longer than I had ever imagined. And I still has not heard nothing from Rebecca either.
    I do live in the European Union , in Sweden so its not utterly far but still far enough that postage and insurence is horrible expensive. All the cost for this 4 bag sent in to them is almost the sum of half a medium Mulberry bag, and I sure know what I would have prefered to do with that money...:smile:
  11. Baginuse....OMG you have had some trouble! Luckily for me I requested that Rebecca arranged for my defected bags to be collected by courier with no charge to me, it really is appalling that this is happening to you. I would send a chaser email to Rebecca (I do find sometimes she takes her time in replying!!) but keep chasing her and express your dissatisfaction in the quality of these high end goods and the knock on effect i.e. dissapointment to you that you have been unable to use your bags. I do hope you can get this sorted :biggrin:
  12. Thanks DP, nice to know that she has a history of not responding directly, I was a bit worried when I heard nothing. Triplechecked the email adress to be sure...I myself did worked ahwile in a service of taking care of complaints and we was told that it was of utter importance to get back to to people complaning very quickly and also send them a answer even if the only thing we could say was that "we was sorry and would look into it and get back to you asap." No reply usally angers an already annoyed custumer even more or so I was told, and I can say that it is the truth according to how I react myself right now. I think M still has a bit to work on, or so it seems.
    Well concering the pml I sent in, I did email the repair dep last week and was told they could arrange for an UPS pick up, but then that person I emailed to was apparently out of the office for this whole week and had not arranged for a p/u, so I thought I better to send them in so they are at her desk on monday morning when she arrives back. I sure did not want to wait an extra week and then another for waiting for them to be delivered.
    I will give Rebecca a few days more to respond before I prob will be erupting like a vulcano...;)
    But perhaps I get an answer soon, I do hope so. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for caring! :smile:
  13. It's highly unacceptable that you should have to chase once let alone chase continually, I wouldn't leave it a day longer, get on their backs!! Good Luck :biggrin:
  14. Hi hun - just posted on your lovely reveal thread - what a beauty - I love that colour combo - so classy and elegant and the sort of shade that will work across the seasons....and I also hope all the other problems are sorted soon - but I totally agree with DP - keep an eye on how long it's all taking - and keep hassling them - the odd phone call to Rebecca/Customer Services won't do any harm and may speed things up in the long run!!!!! In the meantime, take care, enjoy your lovely new addition and keep us informed! :hugs:
  15. Thank you again Roxy. Well I give her until tomorrow then I send another email. I prefer stalking people thu mail as you know english is not my first language so when I get a little bit upset or very happy I have a feeling I would pay too much attention of finding the right tone and correct words,that I would prob forget half the important things I would point out to her., and sound like a moron....So I will stalk her via emails a bit longer.
    I will keep you posted if any news and thanks again!:hugs::smooch: