Am I becoming an Agneau convert? *gasp*

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  1. Just thought we could have some fun with this thread... :biggrin:

    For a long time, I swore I'd never get another Agneau Bbag. I believed the newer Agneau bags to be vastly inferior to the older Chevre bags - and this was a belief supported by the bags in my collection: my 05s, 06s and 07s all had gloriously beautiful leather, while my 08s tended to be plasticky and stiff and my 09s were thin and a little papery and dry.

    I also swore I'd never buy a bag from the Balenciaga store in Singapore - yucky service, ridiculous prices and a horrible range of bags.

    Well, we all know what happens when we made such lofty promises to ourselves...:P

    I found an Agneau bag at Bal Singapore that I just HAD to have - and had to eat my words!

    Please welcome one of the most glorious bags in my collection: my 08 Vert Thyme GGH Day! The leather on this bag is incredible - really soft, fantastically smooshy, chewy, so wrinkly and beautifully distressed! Exactly like the best of 07 leather! I just couldn't believe it.

    VT tends to photograph looking a little dry - it's anything but!

    Anyway, I just thought I'd post this, for my fellow Agneau-haters out there, to tell them: there is hope! There is good Agneau! You just have to look ;)

    And just a little shout-out to bag-gage - thanks for helping me pick out this beauty!

  2. wow! gorgeous!! it looks SO good on you Michk! So fresh!
  3. Congrats, Mich!! This bag looks perfect on you! Love the VT GGH comb:huh:h no, this now means that your search radius has now grown wider to include Agneau. It will never end. LOL!!
  4. You take the best modeling pics--that VT looks gorgeous on you!
  5. It's gorgeous, congrats!
  6. nice leather on that agneau of yours!!!!
    Two of my nicest bags are agneau, no worries!
  7. congrats on yet another new bbag, MichK. this style suits you. may i say the leather *looks* very veiny? but they do fade with use, i believe. is the leather "pliable" (to quote you) like the older ones? thanks.
  8. :nuts: MichK, it's absolutely gorgeous. VT is a beautiful colour and with GGH it's just stunning. Many congrats.

    I've been saying this for some time though; it really is about the individual bag. I do think we tend to generalise too much. My 08 Anthra has the thickest, softest leather and my 09 black is more beautiful than an 05 black I've had my hands on.

    But to quote Saff;
  9. beautiful MichK!!

    And I'd have to agree with you on the horrible service at BalSG.

  10. Love your bag MichK!!! You look great modelling it! I agree with you...initially i thought chevre is way more superior comparing my 05 black work and my 09 city...but when i received my ruby has better leather than my work IMO. Enjoy your new bag!
  11. :nuts: LOOK AT THE LEATHER!!! Wrinkly distressed :drool:

    Its not very often you come across a piece like this (And at Bal SG!)! Congrats MichK!
  12. CONGRATS MichK on a great Agneau find!! This bag is gorgeous and looks great on you!!

    I agree with Cate14, you take the best modeling pics!
  13. Simply stunning, you do take the best pics!
  14. wow! Her leather look super smoochy! Congratulation on such a great find!
  15. OMG Mich I love VT so much!! and with GGH even more :drool:
    oh yesss I would definitly put my "agneau-fear" aside for this gorgeous color too!!
    many congrats =)