Am I as freaky as Nanamiryu? Quite possibly. Here is the evidence...

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  1. I am a known 2.55 freak (and don't care much about the classics really, except if they are freaky classic themselves...).

    Anything that comes in the shape of a 2.55 will make me react like this --> :nuts:.

    So here they are, my freaky 2.55 family (normal members excluded).


    Wild 2.55 in the Large size; Surpique in beige; Coco Puzzle in navy/patent in the medium size

    09A Paris Moscow Bird cage 2.55; 09A Paris Moscow Arab 2.55; Coco Croco jersey; Easy Tweed 2.55 :nuts:

    These bags are not for show, I use every one of them, except Coco Croco and only because I have not found the opportunity yet.

    Hope you enjoy seeing my little collection. :lol:
  2. :drool:
    Love all, especially the Wild and 09A Paris Moscow 2.55s
  3. WOW! What a unique collection!!! How about the normal ones??? :graucho:
  4. love everything!
  5. Your collection are totally amazing, congratulations to you :biggrin: Show them all to us so we can drool a bit ;)
  6. Gorgeous - I love the black Arab one! Exquisite!
  7. omg the moscow arab is BEAUTIFULLLLL
  8. Where are your burgundy, navy and gold 2.55s?
  9. oh mine..such an eye candy...I love the Wild and Paris-Moscow...Stunning Collection!!!! :P
  10. oh my dont swing me from classic to reissue!! nice babies!
  11. The green easy tweed is my must have! Gorgeous! :yahoo:
  12. Fab collection! I love the Paris-Moscou flaps. :tup:
  13. Not freaky - you just have very good taste :smile:
    Great collection of 2.55s and it's fabulous that you use them!
  14. nice collection!
  15. Perfection!!! love them all they are so unique and gorgeous!!!