Am I Alone at 50+ ??????

  1. Okay, I can't stand it another minute??!! I turned 51 in October. Is anyone else over 50?? I don't mean to get too personal here, but I get the impression that EVERYONE is 18-30'ish (Jerry: "not that there's anything wrong with that..."!!!), but, PLEASE, convince me that while that may be the majority, I'm not ALL I?? :confused1:
  2. No, I believe Speedy is somewhere in your age range! She calls herself, "middle aged" right Speedy?? :p
  3. I'm 51 and I'll be 52 in May.
  4. There are a lot of people here in the 40+ age range! :yes:
  5. I'm very happy being 50. Welcome to the group!
  6. Happy Belated B-Day !!! I am 48 and life is better every year!!!
  7. Okay...feeling better...and another dog lover, I see! This is all good...keep it coming ladies...there have to be more of us...
  8. Surely not you, Roo!!! BTW, is that Jack Russell Terrorist I see under the Santa Cap?? ;)
  9. :flowers:
  10. I'll be 53 next year (and proud)! I think they should run an "oldest member" contest and give them a fabulous prize.
  11. I'm not close to 50, but I think age is a beautiful thing. To me as long as you have your health it's just a number.
  12. I will be 50 in March. There are plenty of people in our age group on these boards. When I first found these boards, I thought it was only younger people, but I have come to meet several wonderful people in my age group.
  13. 49 and Holding. Isn't this the age where you are allowed to hold for a few years (until it is no longer believable) ?

  14. I am 47!! Just turned!! happy Birthday to you! You are not alone. Pluse, we all share common interest and loves, so it does not really matter.

    I am a dog lover too!
  15. I agree, age doesn't matter..we all share the same interests at tPF :tup: I am only 19 but I really don't feel any different from women who have lived twice as long as me. We share so many interests it's hard to not get along, KWIM? :biggrin: