Am I allowed to do this?

  1. Am I allowed to put in my auction a little blurb that says: Visit my other auctions, I'll be listing Brand A, Brand B, and Brand C?? Or is that considered key word spamming?
  2. I think it is considered keyword spamming and eBay do remove listings b/c of that.
  3. I agree, you can say "look at my other auctions for more great designer finds!" or something like that, but you cannot name designer names.
  4. Those two replies are true. Sorry, cannot do....
  5. Yeah, just put in something about "visit my other auctions, I'll be listing more items in the upcoming days!"
    That's what I do. :yes:
  6. I always put something like "please check my other auctions, as I am happy to combine shipping on multiple items". That draws people to check your other listed items. In general, if people are looking for a certain designer and you have it, they will find your auctions anyway.
    Good luck!