Am I allowed to ask for opinions on...

  1. hi everyone! :yes:

    sorry for the trouble but it would be great if someone could tell me if i am allowed to ask for opinions on which Chanel bag i should sell off :s i heard we can get banned for talking about buying/selling our personal stuff :confused1:

    i am in the process of raising 'funds' for a new bag investment :P but im in a dilemma.. dunno which of my precious should go. Thought i could seek some help here!!

    i dun wanna get banned.. :shame:
  2. you can ask which one should get sold, but you cant ask if we want/can buy them
  3. yes, please tread VERY lightly, we take even hinting at trying to sell them pretty seriously.
  4. okiee thanks so much missbaby and swanky! i will take some pics and let everyone decide for me!! =)