Am I aiming too high? What was your first? What do you think?

  1. Am I aiming too high, wanting my first H bag to be a Kelly? I mean, should I get a Herbag or a Garden Party bag first? I do like the look of the Herbags-- do any of you have one? Are they hard to get? What are my options with a Herbag-- colors, etc?

    My SO says I'm nuts for wanting a Kelly at 24 years of age and I should take baby steps with something this high-end and I can't help but thinking maybe he's right. It'd be a lot easier for me to save for a Herbag than a Kelly; I feel like I'm never gonna get there!

    What was your first H bag and why? What do you think; am I reaching for the stars here?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. If a Kelly is what you want, save up for that. After all, every time you buy your self a 'filler' bag you take a step back in your quest for your dream bag.
  3. ^^I agree. But, at your age, an Evelyne, I think, is a nice option too.
  4. I would start a Kelly fund account and not spend money on other bags that I might not favor later. The sooner you have the money to purchase it, the better.:idea:
  5. if you think this is the bag for you, you know best, and better than anyone else !
    Aim high!
  6. I was 21 when I purchased my first Kelly, but had debated for two years prior. I wasn't settled into my career yet and was still saving up for my first home--so it was a dream for me at the time and I was patient enough to wait.

    I say wait for what you love--it will be all worth it in the end :smile:
  7. ^^Your avatar is making me drool!
  8. Razor,

    IF the Evelyne is your dream Hermes, or the Picotin or HerBag, or Bolide then certainly go for it. But, if the Kelly is your pick, don't buy a Birkin or a Trim, stay on course and go for the Kelly. You may eventually buy these others too, but, do what your heart tells you to do.

    Forget the baby steps. You'll likely end up spending more money on several less expensive Hermes bags than you would have spent on one Kelly.
  9. I purchased a Kelly when I was 21 and received it on my 22nd B-day.

    For a while I thought I was too young but I find myself carrying it now that I have more occasion to actually use it.
  10. My first was a Kelly in mint condition purchased from a reseller for about half of what the cost would be to get one in a store. The Kelly was the epitome of Hermes for me and I was so elated when I got it; I was in my late 20s.

    Keep your eyes peeled on eBay as the chances of getting a Kelly you want at a good price can be pretty good. I am ITA with isus in not getting sidetracked while waiting; it may take you awhile to get there, but you'll be so happy that you waited for exactly what you wanted.
  11. Razor all the members here have given good advice
    I would save up for a vintage Kelly bag first
  12. Lots of good advice from the wise tPF'ers. Hold out for the bag that sings to you. My first H bag was an orange togo Picotin. This was the bag that sang to me at the time and stills sings to me. In fact, I wore it today to a fall harvest festival and was stopped by three women who loved the color and unusual shape. If you buy the bag you love, you won't regret it.
  13. If you want a Kelly, there's been lots of great posts about why that is the right thing to do. Wait, I mean, save up and accept no alternative.

    But here's this - at 24, I loved Kellys. I'd loved them intensly since 19 in fact. But it was not the right time.

    I was paying off school, starting a professional job where I rode public transport in a city with no parking. What did I carry? A messenger style shoulder bag. A gorgeous sling I could keep hands free when I had to bring work in, or home. While at the office it went over one shoulder and became dressy. VERY similiar to an Evelyne. If I had known about that style, I would have nabbed it and used it religously.

    A few (ok, many lol) years later I have advanced my career and a Kelly isn't as hard to acquire now as it would have been then. It seems like a natural progression.

    If you can be on a bag ban for many, many months, even years, then perhaps that is the right plan for you. If you can appreciate the love and handworking in a Massai or an Evelyne, then perhaps that bag could be your initiation to Hermes. You can ALWAYS sell it later. And that way, you can be sure of the leather and colour as you get older and if your taste changes.

    Either way, looks like you're saving for an H bag! Good luck!
  14. If you want the Kelly more than the other bags, then save up for the Kelly and try not to buy the other fillers as that'll only delay your Kelly purchase. Fortunately the Kelly is a lot easier to come by than the Birkin so if you concentrate on saving up for it, you wouldn't have to wait too long for it!
  15. I'm still trying to get up the nerve to walk into the gosh darn store!