Am I a weakling? The weight of Mulberry bags

  1. I must admit I am struggling with the weight of my oak Bayswater. I must carry a lot of junk around with me because my bag is usually full and it is HEAVY. So do I need to go to the gym and sort out my arm muscles?! Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. I think they are heavy too. I haven't used my bayswater yet( as it's for xmas) but i have filled it with stuff then thought- CRIKEY!! Doesn't help that I normally carry a fairly heavy agenda with me! Think I'm going to have to be a bit careful what i fill it with!

    How's your bayswater fairing otherwise? Still pleased with it?
  3. Glad it's not just me then! I am seriously tempted by a Balenciaga City because they're so much lighter.

    The Bayswater is fine, but has been tucked away in its sleeper bag and box for most of the autumn. We've had so much rain and I'm not brave enough to take it out when there's even a cloud in the sky! I've coated it in Collonil, but still...

    How's yours?
  4. Have you not seen Chaz's post with the Collonil & her oak Elgin? She held it under a running tap, the nutter!! And it was fine.

    Still can't be tempted into using the Joni, then? It's light as a feather.
  5. Yes I did, the crazy lady!!! :p I'd never be brave enough to do that.
  6. Agh - no, you are NOT a weaking! Bags are not intended to be used as "free weights"!
    For this very reason, I shyed away from Mulberry, specifically the Darwin leather. BUT - thank goodness Mulberry is addressing this issue by releasing Bays in different leathers with lining to make the bag lighter. So - if by chance your Darwin becomes too too heavy, than maybe another Bay will be in your future??!!
  7. I do think they are actually quite heavy,but I do feel its a comfortable trade off for me,as they get slung about round parks,cars,paths (really) I like the leather as its so robust and I don't worry about it tearing or ripping. I do really stuff them full of stuff too,as Sophie does'nt have her own entourage I have to carry everything!!!

    And yes it makes the roxy or elgin super heavy!! But I have been hauling a toddler about for a while now and I have to say my arms,shoulders and back are the best shape they have ever been in!! So the bags although heavy for some(my freinds think I have got the strength of a navvy now!),are'nt too bad to me,I think its a case of what you get used to.

    When I first had the Blenheim and needed to carry paperwork and stuff,I did get a Burberry shopper,and its handle meant there was no chance of overloading my shoulders,maybe a Helier from an outlet would be good to distribute the weight a bit,and its a good excuse to get another bag!!!
  8. Kids need a lot of stuff, don't they? I don't have any myself, but I was amazed when I went out with my friend and her baby. I thought I was high maintenance!! I was also amazed by how heavy and awkward the pushchair was - it's no wonder you've got strong arms and shoulders now.

    Chaz, do you feel braver about taking your oak bags out in the rain after your Collonil and water experiment?
  9. I am going to embrace the weight of the bags and am hoping it will help get rid of my BINGO WINGS!!!!
  10. Ha ha! Good plan! I should do the same as I am too lazy to go to the gym :roflmfao:
  11. I went shopping with my mom and my baby one day. She helped me carry my Mulberry Roxanne. She's like OMG such a heavy bag and asked what the hell was in it. Oh well, I did used my Roxanne for 3 weeks and is in my closet for now. Oops. Anyway I've also kept my Balenciaga and is currently using a cheapo waterproof tote, something that of Lesportsac. Yikes! To think that I'm a constant lurker of Mulberry forum and eBay for Mulberry bags. Am I the only one here who 'collects' Mulberry bags and not use them???
  12. Absolutely,if I was in any doubt I would'nt have posted the pics as it would give a false security,and I don't want to be the cause of heartbroken ladies!!!
    If you are still in doubt,give your Bay a good few sprays and buff in between each one,I think that goes a long way to making a glossy 'skin' on the bag (the color change is very alarming from the wetness of the spray at first,but it soon subsides and then dries to just a shade or so darker than before)

    Then just try very tentatively flicking a little bit of water on it from your fingers and you will find the water just 'beads' and rolls off!!! If you are concerned about color change,there is a before and after photo of the Elgin to show exactly that,its quite slight honestly!! Its somewhere on that thread.But I have found the Elgin is darkening slightly with age too,so rather risk irrevesible rain damage,I sprayed the thing to death!!!! (it had about 5 coats of spray in total)

    I must say I got caught in the most offensive downpour a couple of days ago,I was soddin drenched!!! But the Elgin was fine,a bit of rain got inside it so I just dried it slowly overnight and it was totally fine the next day!!:tup:
  13. Cool thanks. I'm off to buff my Bayswater :graucho:
  14. A friend picked up my Alana today to admire it and then went 'good god, how heavy is this, what on earth have you got in it'!
    Admittedly I'd just come from a meeting so I had my agenda in it, but Mulberry's Darwin leather bags are weighty. I do trim down what I carry when I'm using Alana or Phoebe but I swap my bags every few days so it's not a problem.
    Have to say, though, the thought of the featherlight Hanover is tempting!
  15. stop it!!! I am sooooooooooooo on a ban til May!!! BUT in the name of scientific research I think you should get one,I do love the stitching details on the front but I am worried Sophie will pick at them,could you get on e and test that feature???

    Right thats my overt enabling out of the way!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:tup: