am I a terrible person???

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  1. ok, so I sold my black caviar e/w on ebay, I made a couple hundred dollars on it (above what i paid) because the price went up sooooo much in the last three years and it was LIKE NEW with all the paperwork. But I still sold it for $500 less than current retail of $1795, I didn't want to be greedym KWIM? So I sold for $1295....I was so annoyed when my buyer immediately turned around and listed it on eSchmay :graucho: for $1599 - but no one even made an offer. I have been watching the listing (since it irritated me so much) and she just sold it for best offer for $1200 - HA, a month later! Good buy for someome, hopefully a tpf'er but she lost probably close to $200 after ebay fees. I think this serves her right for being so greedy. What do you think? Am I jsut being nasty and a bad person for feeling this way? I just cannot watch people resell at such a high we won't notice? I could see if you couldn't get the bag retail now like a valentine heart bag, but it is still in stores! duh!
  2. Well, if you made a couple hundred on it, why can't she? Maybe whoever sold it to you would feel upset if they knew you flipped it for a profit too. If I make a few dollars on a bag, that's all good. But I have to understand others want to do the same.
  3. :crybaby: that's why I posted, because I feel bad for thinking this way and i know you are right. It jsut bothered me, I guess this is my "confession" as it were! i guess i feel a bit justified in my price because I paid for it, used it gently and cared for it so lovingly and took the risk that it would be worth LESS, not MORE! After ebay fees, i think made about $125, which is great for that bag and please don't misunderstand, I am MORE irritated at myself for being irritated AT ALL!
  4. ....or maybe she did not like it or fit her lifestyle and had to sell it?, but be happy that YOU made a profit:smile:, what ever happens after you sell it, is their choice.
  5. Maybe she didn't like it after she bought it from you. That happened with my Dark Silver baby cabas - although I just about broke even when I sold it and was not out to make a profit. I understand how you feel though - it's irritating. Oh well, at least you made a profit :yes:
  6. You bought it and made a profit, why can't someone else try to? If it bothers you to know that someone who bought from you is reselling, the best thing to do is not watch the auction, or better yet, don't keep checking to see if that person is selling it (don't check any of their listings).
  7. I know I'd be a little PO'ed if someone resold something for more- I've sold a couple things that the buyers have ended up reselling (for less than they bought it for though).
  8. You know what, it is human to feel that way though. You are NOT a terrible person for feeling that way. That's why its true, you should not check the auctions or what the buyer does with it. You made your money, let them make their money too. (or try anyway).
  9. Don't feel bad, it's very possible that she bought it thinking that she could sell it for more, since yours was a very good price...
    It's odd that she couldn't sell it for at least the same as she bought it.
    I would've thought the same as you.
  10. I agree, don't feel bad at all. I am happy that you made some money off the sale. My guess is the person was not 100% happy with the sale and decided to list it for sale. I do this all the time. Sometimes I lose money, sometimes I break even. If I am lucky, I can make a profit too! :P
  11. I kinda agree with the others that have said that perhaps she didn't originally purchase the bag with the thought of re-selling it immediately. These things are purchased without having the opportunity to 'try' them on first. Remember, not everybody lives near a boutique.
    We just don't know people's financial circumstances or anything about their personal lives. Maybe her SO didn't approve? Maybe a previously unforseen expense came up?
    Whatever the reason, it sounds like initially she priced it taking into account the price she paid, the shipping costs and the fees she was going to have to pay to eBay and Paypal for the sale and allowing herself a little 'wiggle room' for best offers. That would account for pricing it higher than your sale to her. In the end, she lost, so I would tend to be feeling more badly for her than irritated.
  12. You're definitely not a terrible person -- you're being honest.

    I've sold bags for cheap and then saw them listed for a much higher price. At the end of the day, I was happy with price I sold it for and impressed that another seller got more.
  13. thanks for making me feel "normal" at least to be a wee bit annoyed, although i know it was her right to do! i feel bad she lost money, i think alot of people make a living off ebay or supplement their income and probably are having hard times in this economy. Which is why I was surprised she thought she could make such a markup on the bag. I actually was looking for a black caviar jumbo and came across the listing in that search...i swear I didn't go looking for it....I really wish i hadn't seen it actually and prefer NOt to know if my items are resold...ignorance is bliss sometimes - oh well, lesson learned yet again! thanks for the dose of humility tpf friends!
  14. how true! agreed! :idea:
  15. You are being honest, but as had been said, she may have regreted the purchase or had some circumstances that came up so she had to sell it. If she was trying to flip it, she did not make a good decision and she lost, but you made your money back so that was good.
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