Am I a snob!!

  1. I have loved handbags for years and had a closet full many of which I never used. Last Jan I sold most of them on eBay and started over. I bought a LV Mono Speedy and I fell in love. This year I have been fortunate to be able to purchase 5 mid range priced LV bags. Now I have become a snob and seem to want to carry nothing else. Am I a snob?

    I have bought other bags the past few months but I put my stuff in them and tote them around the house and something about the bag isn't right. I always end up returning them.

    I had a coach gift card and recently ordered there new med Lily Satchel. Its a beautiful bag and retails for 765.00. I haven't received it yet and am already having second thoughts. I know its going to be heavy and the modeling pics I have seen I have been eh looks boxy to me I guess. I keep thinking if i sell it on eBay I could buy that Damier Speedy or Madeleine pm I like...sigh but part of me thinks I need to learn to love other non LV bags...

    anyone else feel this way...
  2. I go in phases all the time..Gucci, LV, Fendi, etc... it changes all the time! No are just into LV right now!!
  3. I agree we all go thought that. If you're not happy with the bag return it. Perhaps try selling the gift card on eBay... if you think you're not going to use it.
    Go for the bag you're going to enjoy using. No sense having something that you dont like...

    Use your money wisely :smile:
  4. there is nothing snobish about liking something!!
    Enjoy LV ;)
  5. i only buy lv bags now! (i only have 3 ;) )
    they will last me longer! But when i go to work i do use a cheap purse that i allready own
    I don't think you are a snob because you only want LV, i think you are addicted ;)
    nothing wrong with that kind of addictio (well atleast if you won't get into money troubles ;) )
  6. You're not a snob! You're just currently suffering from an obviously bad LV bug bite (LOL!). Don't worry ... you just know what you like and whatever makes you happy and smile then that's all that matters!
  7. Nah...not a snob! You just love Louis, and who could blame you???
  8. You're not a snob, you're an addict! And if I received a gift card for that amount of money, the same exact thoughts would be going through my mind!
  9. no...i don't think you're a snob. And they're right, there's nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you like! I go through phases too...but there's always one designer that you tend to go back to.

    oh btw, i loooove my monogram speedy 30 too!!! :nuts:
  10. lolz you are not. I can't get out of LV even when i'm broke. I have a Burberry tote bag just in case. But that's it. Most of my stuff are LV. I mean they're the best so why not stick with them
  11. If you're a snob then so am I. Before joining TPF and I had a multitude of bags, including LV. Now, almost ten months later my collection is entirely LV with the exception of one bag. Nothing wrong with that...I buy what I like and for the most part that constitutes LV. If that's what you happen to like then so be it. Your tastes may change in the future or you may stick with LV forever. All that matters is that you are buying the bags because you love their style and quality...not who's name is on the label.
  12. LOL I feel the same way...once I got hooked on LV, I ended up selling my other bags because I just was not interested in them took me awhile of trying out other brands to finally find a brand that I totally love - LV! (but hehe, I still browse other brands still)
  13. Don't worry, it's normal.

    (here in the LV forum... ;) )
  14. I was expecting some terribly snobbish No youre not a snob!! you like what you like, we all do. It would have been a good idea to sell the GC on ebay. That way you wouldn't have had to deal with the return process. Get the Louis :yes:
  15. That is the way it is! Snob is not about taste, it is about an attitude and you do not seem to have it. Good taste, does not make you a snob! Enjoy!