Am I a pest for calling my Chanel boutique too many times??

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I need some advice. I went shopping on Friday in Boston and somehow ended up at the Chanel boutique:p . I saw an e/w bag in bone and asked if it was available in red. They found the red e/w from the Palm Beach boutique so of course, without hesitation, I purchased it:yahoo: . The SA told me it would be here by this past Tuesday. At the end of day Tuesday, it didn't arrive and I called the SA to help me track the package. She told me that they didn't end up shipping it out until this Monday so it will be here today. Now that it's the end of day today, no package:shrugs: . My SA is off today but I am so nervous that I called again today to ask for them to track. They said that it should be delivered today but is it bad that I called them this many times for one order? I've never done this before with such an expensive item so I just want to make sure it doesn't get lost. Sorry for the long message. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!!

  2. If you ask your SA for shipping tracking info then you can track it online. Now, you just have to wait :smile: But you will be much happier when you get your bag. It will arrive . Don't worry. :smile:
  3. I don't think you should worry about calling to much. It's your hard earned money afterall.
  4. No, you're not being a pest. It's your money thats going toward the bag, and they're supposed to treat their customers well (as in good customer service) so no, you're not being a pest.
  5. Call as much as you want. YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER!!
  6. Why not just ask for the tracking info to track it yourself?

    While yes, you're the customer, I personally wouldn't keep calling (at least give it until the end of the day! I think UPS delivers until around 8:00 in the evening.) I say I wouldn't just b/c I feel it's common coutesy even though I know you're very excited.
  7. i think its perfectly normal to get worried about the item being lost :yes: i would probably react the same way as u did :yes:
  8. You are not a are the customer. Ask for the tracking number. Keep in mind...sometimes the UPS, or FedEx guys run late.
  9. Not really.. You just want to get the handbag that you wanted.. And that's the work of the Customer Service! To be patient and sweet to their customers NO MATTER WHAT! :biggrin:
  10. u r not being annoying by calling. its more annoying when they say they are sending something and it does not arrive or they do not ship when they say they will, IMHO
  11. Thanks everyone...I really appreciate all your responses. I tried getting tracking information but they had told me that the SA's are not allowed to provide a tracking number. The only way to track is if your SA calls you to update or if you call them.
  12. Well, if that's their policy, then I would say it's completely acceptable to check on its status if you haven't received it on a day you were told you were. I'd say to just check on it as you see fit.
  13. I'm sure you're bag will get to you really soon...can't wait to see pics of it!! :yahoo:
  14. Did u get the bag yet?
  15. Actually, if the store had better customer service, they would have notified you that the bag was delayed in shipping. So you wouldn't have to worry. They said they were shipping it and they didn't. I don't think you are being a pest at all. You'd be silly to ignore a package that was supposed to arrive and didn't.