Am I a late bloomer?

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  1. I feel like I started very old collecting LV's.
    I was a senior in college when I got my first LV - a florentine pochette.

    HOw about everyone else?

    I only contemplate this b/c when I went to go get my limelight, there was 2 little girls in the store looking at LV bags (they must not have been more than 16, b/c they kept talking about their parents buying it for them for the prom, or some school dance).
    I was shocked b/c at 16, I was carrying bags from bebe (if I was lucky hahah)
  2. I am 29 and I just started collecting LVs last fall!! Not everyone can afford to be an "early bloomer"!!

    (ETA not meaning to offend those of you who were lucky enough to have them earlier... I'm sure my daughter will... but I grew up in a very frugal family)
  3. i started on my 20th bday
  4. I got my first at 15 or 16.

    I don't think a senior in college is late at all. In fact, I'd think most people would be out of college (and with a proper job) before they would start... TPF is definitely a select group. Not like the majority of the Louis Vuitton wearing population, imo.
  5. I got my first LV at around 30, I think, or 31/32. Then didn't start "collecting" in earnest until this Oct., when I was 38; so you're not a late bloomer. I think it sends a bad message to teenage girls when their parents buy them LV-what are they going to expect from them at 18? 20? Plus, you know when you're that age you may not be as careful with your stuff. I guess I'm biased because I saw what overindulgence did to my stepdaughters as teens and it wasn't pretty. My good friends daughter was also like that and now that she's married, her poor husband has to work his ass off to keep her in the lifestyle she was accustomed to. I think too much, too soon can be dangerous with some kids. Besides, its nice to have earned your bags from working hard and saving.
  6. I got started when I was 19... a mere 5+ years ago.

    When I was 16, I was like into surf wear and bags... :lol:
  7. i started my LV lasy year...:P at 33
  8. lovely to hear all the responses!
    Ok, so I feel better now
  9. I bought my first LV at 32 years old. :heart: I'll be 33 in a few months.
  10. I live in Orange County around rich areas. A LOT of teenagers are already carrying designer bags. Such spoiled kids!

    I started last april when I was 18.
  11. I got my first LV at 30!
  12. I have lived in many different areas in my life. I am 20 and I have seen and lived in both the rich areas and the not so great neighborhoods. I have always been a fan of LV but only recently (as in the past two months) been able to afford it. I am a full time student at a university and although my family is what I would consider "well off" my parents do not buy me anything that is considered luxury. All of my bags are purchased from money that I have earned from my jobs. I find it annoying watching tweens and teens run around with LV, and other expensive bags that their parents bought them.

    ShkBass, You are not a late bloomer. Don't worry. There are plenty of ladies here who have just gotten into LV. =) I'm sure in the future you will discover other designers too. Not to worry!
  13. still hoping to start mine, my parents are teaching me the value of money. haha. i'm 15. :smile:
  14. You're earlier than me! I just started collecting LVs last Fall and I am 27 :sad: ... when I was 16, I loved GAP and OLD NAVY bags... LOL!!
  15. im 17 and i am planing to buy an LV asap but of course me working for it no help from the rents i feel proud some what lol