Am I a bag snob?

  1. I don't know if this has happened to any of you but I have a whole closet full of bags that I just don't like any more. (No offense meant to anyone that likes these labels). I have about 25 Dooney bags that I know I will never carry again so I am putting them up on eBay. Dooney has become IMO a bag for teens. Much of their marketing is geared to teenagers. I have about 30 more bags that just don't seem as special as they used to. A lot of them are Coach which I used to LOVE. Now I see every 17 year old girl walking around the mall with a Coach bag. Now that I can afford the pricier bags these just don't seem prestigous enough any more. Any one else feel this way?? I am going to sell a lot of my bags on eBay and try to save money for a new Louis briefcase. So am I a bag snob or is this just how the purse progression goes?? :p
  2. From my reading since joining, I think you are about to embark on a journey familiar to many here-good luck!
  3. Hi, I think it is just how your taste progresses as you grow older. While I like D & B and Coach bags, they are mostly worn by teenagers here too, or girls in their early 20's. I became a Louis Vuitton snob somewhere in my mid-20's and now I can't go back!
  4. you are not a bag snob at all - times change and so do our preferences as we get older. Just go with what you like now and dont worry about it.
  5. I agree. Tastes and preferences change - a few years ago i was happy with my H&M catwalk imitations - but now it just does not do it anymore.... What can you do??? (my bank account is not happy...)
  6. Sometimes tastes change, I am sure others will be happy to snap up your cast offs :smile:
  7. I think it's the natural progression of this obsession! I am a bit of a bag snob myself.
  8. :nuts: Yes you are a bag snob. :roflmfao: Just kidding. I felt the same way as you did. Your taste changes with time and you just don't wish to look like every other teen out there.
  9. If I am a bag snob then so be it. :wlae:

    I just put a bunch of my Dooney bags on eBay. I'm sure there are plenty of people that will be just as excited with my Dooneys as I am with someone else's LV, right? Circle of life. LOL :p

  10. I think people's taste just changes.

    I may be the only person on earth who was like this, but I was never into D&B or Coach whatsoever.

    Even still, my tastes have changed.
  11. i feel your pain. i cleaned out all my db's & coaches. i just hope idon't progress to much further.

    purse:ban: till april, then it's vegas baby.
  12. That's exactly how I feel! I have 3 of the Coach signature bags that I don't fancy much anymore now that every other girl is seen wearing them. However, I feel bad getting rid of them because they were gifts from my parents and fiance'. It may be awhile before I can get rid of them on Ebay!
  13. I used to like my Coach and no-name purses until I started hanging around here. Maybe it's not so much age as it is ...this place. LOL

  14. There may be some truth to this.
  15. me too :p
    now i only caryy my quality bags, and only vintage very cheap bags, never the medium brand :smile: