Am I a bad owner??

  1. I got my gorgeous Dior mini gaucho a whole week ago and haven't yet taken it out :sad: because I haven't had what seems like a good time to do so...I don't want it kicking around my desk at work, and when I went out to a club over the weekend I was worried it would get drinks spilled over it (and it would have done). So far it has only been out of the dust bag for me to gaze lovingly :love: at it from time to time. Am I a bad owner? :shrugs: I would hate to give a baby bag a bad start in life, but I know there's no point having it if I don't start taking it places!!!
  2. Just use it, then, on special occasions. I am the same way! Work and clubs, baby bag NOT INVITED!! :tender:
  3. It would probably be a great bag to take out to dinner or shopping. And no, your not a bad owner.
  4. Sounds like me!~


    Anyway - just start using it when you feel confortable - maybe start with taking it to places where you know you can show it off but won't wreck it - like to dinner or something - and then slowly go from there?
  5. Yes - like all babies, it'll do best if you start it slow. Don't take it to the club where it's going to choke in smoke or get something awful on it. Take it to a nice dinner, somewhere you can control its exposure. Then, before you know it, you'll be comfortable taking it everywhere! And don't worry. I swear I have bags that haven't even been out of their dustbags yet!
  6. Definitely stick to venues where you have some control over what might happen. In a club, you're at the mercy of too many other people who may or may not be in control of themselves. Dinner, movies would be good places to start.
  7. I'm in the same boat. I got a beautiful white bag sitting in my closet waiting for its time. I have taken it out, admired it, tried to wrap some scarves around the handles in anticipating of dirt. But of course, if I don't ever use it, there is no dirt!!
  8. Sorry to go against the grain...but I'm all for using a handbag. If you are just looking at it...heck, you could have gone to the store, taken a picture, and gaze at the picture and stared ga-ga at that. Life is short girls! If a bag can't be used, I won't buy it.
  9. No, I do the same thing. I only take my Louis shopping or to dinner. It does not come with me to work or a bar.
  10. As crazy as this sounds why don't you get yourself comfortably dressed, and take yourself for a walk and a coffee. It's quite uplifting.
  11. Not at all, take it where she can be comfortable!
  12. I think a bag should be used, so I sometimes even take my cutest bags at work. Bags Lying in the closet are a waste of money IMO
  13. haha, you're not a bad owner! I spent an entire Mets game with my new Hayden-Harnett on my lap because I couldn't stand to get it dirty and I was forced to take it to the game! Just take it out every once in awhile when you are comfortable and you will eventually feel ok bringing it out all the time.