Am I a bad daughter? *vent*

  1. Soooooo...I happen to LOVE Chanel sunglasses. :heart:They are my all time favorite sunglasses by far. :yes:
    My mother and I are going on a cruise on Friday to Ensenada, Mexico and were both in the market for some nice Sunglasses. I had my heart set on 6026's. I had been eyeing them for a few months and had told my mom about them numerous times that they would be my next pair. She had her mind set on 6024's. Good deal...we would look fabulous on the ship.:supacool:
    So today I am running last minute errands and get a call from my mom. What did she buy? My 6026's!!!!!! :cursing: She said she had mentioned them to the eye Dr. who would be making her perscription lenses and he let her try them on and she liked them. She said not to be mad at her and I am not mad, but just a bit sad because now I know I wont buy them even though I want them sooooooooooooooo badly. I just dont want the same frames as her no matter how much I love them. Is that super shallow of me or am I okay for feeling this way? I just want to know that I am not a bad daughter and that my feelings are valid. Why am I so dang upset that she bought my sunglasses???? I have a pair of 5076H, but I just wanted a new pair to rock on the cruise.

    Am I a horrible daughter?
  2. you're not horrible. a little silly but not horrible! I would still buy them if I were you. Its not like you guys are connected at the hip 24/7. Why not have them to enjoy the rest of the time you won't be around her?
  3. Look on the bright side, you can BORROW them!
  4. well, unless you and your Mom are glued to each other 24/7 why not get them anyway?

    they're sunglasses, JUST sunglasses. I bet your mom looks great in them and she is thrilled that she'll have a pair like her young, cool daughter.

    Buy the sunnies you want, and give your Mom a big hug and tell her how great she looks wearing hers.

    Have a great vacation!
  5. I feel so silly for even asking this question on here, but I just had to ask! was bugging me a bit. Thanks for making me feel better!
  6. Honestly, you just sound a little bratty. I hope you didn't make your mom feel bad about wanting to get the same sunglasses you wanted...
  7. I would get them anyway. who cares. My mom, MIL, SIL, and best friend and I sometimes get the same thing. It's not like we wear it at the same time.
  8. My mom bought a pair of Prada's a couple of months ago, and I totally borrow them alllll the time. I actually like it when my mom buys stuff I like, because it saves me the effort... and money.
  9. I wouldn't worry about it. Get them anyway! Or you could get a different pair and share. It's really a win-win situation.
  10. i wouldn't say you're a horrible daughter but when you have a daughter of your own one day, you'll look back and think this was all a little silly.
    have fun on your cruise and give your mom a big hug :heart:
  11. I actually think it's cool that mom and daughter have the same taste, that means you two can go shopping and have fun together. I wouldn't mind having the same pair at all and if I really love them I would definitely get a pair myself, it's not like I am with her 24/7.
  12. My mom and I have the same stuff MANY times and it doesnt bother either one of us one bit... same goes for my friends. I'd say buy the sunglasses you really like and just enjoy them.
  13. Look on the bright side, you can borrow hers and if you still want your own then you can get it later.
  14. Either borrow them, or get another pair for yourself.
  15. If I were you, I'd get a pair for yourself if you really love them... I'm assuming you and your mom don't share the same prescription, so borrowing them is probably not an option. If you feel strange wearing them when your mom does (and you that know you'll be together), just rock your MOP ones at that point instead... though really, I really doubt people will notice/care if you both wear the same sunnies at the same time. :smile: