Am being pesky and indecisive

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  1. Hi gurus! Last week you all helped me with the great decision to get the Part-time in Black. I was set on black then the adorable SA showed me the PT in Argyle. Its a very interesting colour. Somewhat rustic but also quite cool. What do you all think? Black or Argyle?????:confused1:
  2. i understand, i'm being indecisive too all the time LOL
    but between blackk and argyle, i say if u already have few black bags, go for the argyle.

    BUT... if u don't have black bags u're really loving and fully satisfied, go for the black.
  3. totally agreeing with seahorseinstripes!!! :wlae:
  4. You can always get a black...
  5. Im not a fan or argyle so I love black more!!!!
  6. hmmm....get the black one....:heart: :heart:
  7. I agree that a black Bbag is a must but I also agree that black is made every season. On the other hand I think Argyle/Sandstone is AWESOME! It's really up to you! GOOD LUCK!
  8. Definitely the Argyle!!! I have the Argyle Part Time. I love it sooo much. I think it is such an unusual yet very wearable neutral.

    You can always get Black.
  9. Argyle... I don't know, but I can't buy BBags in black or white. They do colors too well!
  10. Argile is beautiful. Plus, it's unusual. Black is black.
  11. argyle!
  12. Are you getting RH or GH? If you're getting RH, go for Black. If GH........the Sandstone PT GH is TDF!!!!:love:
  13. Argyle= Sandstone. It's a highly coveted color.

    Black you can get anytime.
  14. HI ALL!!!! I just wanted to say a BIG Thank you to all of you who responded and to let you all know that I chose the BLACK PT as I did a review of all my bags and I realised that I did not have a BIG BLACK BAG and I really dig black. I must admit I was swayed by Argyle as it is very beautiful and I almost got sidetracked by a MIUMIU bag(also black) on the way to the store. Am very very pleased!!!!:yahoo: