Am a lucky girl

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  1. I can't believe am so lucky. I ordered a bag 3 months ago and just got it:yahoo: . I also bought something on the internet and they finally came.
  2. Oh, give us more pix!
  3. This is the baby I've been waiting for:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: . I honest thought I couldn't get it.
  4. The strange thing is that am still on the waiting list for the hearts but no one has called yet. Are the hearts out for sell yet? Anyway I got them from internent:love:
    DSC04783.JPG DSC04784.JPG
  5. Congratulations.
  6. oh lucky girl! It's fantastic!
  7. You are a lucky girl! Congrats!
  8. I also got myself a flat pouch in pink, I love pink more than red:p and It's so pretty:roflmfao:
    I am not sure about the MC heart, I think it is pretty but not as attractive as the red or pink one:shame: .
    DSC04781.JPG DSC04787.JPG DSC04788.JPG
  9. OMG Am thinking about the pink heart:crybaby: Do you think I should change my MC to pink:s
  10. congrats! they r really beautiful.
  11. Congrats .. stunning purchases:heart: How much do you think the pouch would hold?
  12. Lucky lucky you! Congratulations! I like them all...
  13. All are wonderful...congrats!!! :yes:
  14. congrats! love the MC hearth
  15. Congrats, they look so cute!