am a klutz !!

  1. I slammed the car door against my thumb the other day and my nail broke in half. Everyone kept asking me how i did it, but i have no idea as well!! And now my thumb hurts and it is still throbbing. Anyone has any idea how to make it stop throbbing?? My right hand cramps more often now, i think it's because i try to minimise my hand movement. This is my 2nd time doing it, therefore the nail bed is fragile. I know i'm relatively stupid and am such a klutz!!! And i am having my finals now, i might have to defer it. Boohoooohooo :crybaby:
  2. ouch!! sorry to hear that...go and make sure its not fractured or anything. my boyfriend banged his finger playing basketball and good thing he had it xrayed...turned out it was fractured.

    i'm a total klutz too i'm always tripping and falling and banging up my knees

    lol love your avatar...david and goliath is the best!
  3. thanks, i've checked whether its fractured or broken, thankfully it hasnt. It still kind of hurts for now. :yes:

    They are the best, aren't they?
  4. I can totally relate!

    I tend to be more of klutz when it's "that time," kwim? ...

    I trip over nothing, get bruised hips from knocking into desks, bruise my shins against coffee tables, get a serious case of butterfingers.."ooops!"..., tip things over when I'm reaching for them... stub my toes, scrape my knuckles...

    ... it's like I put a clumsy coat on or sumthin'! :roflmfao:
  5. Is it feeling better? I've always been a klutz; taken more bad falls than anyone I know. I broke my left foot twice in exactly the same place in the house--you'd think I'd learn!

    If it still throbs, do you have a cold pack you could wrap your hand in (with a towel over your skin to protect it)? Hope it feels well soon.
  6. Thanks girls, it was actually still bleeding after a week of this accident. I must have accidentally pressed on it when i sleep. It has stopped now and i have a black painted thumb. Lols, i'm totally having a good time freaking my friends out. I can't bend my thumb though. =(